Bible Reading Plan (Day 69)


DAY SIXTY-NINE — Exodus 22, John 1

Ex 22

God continues to lay down the law. Literally. We are still reading His rules for Restitution.

We see that the amount of restitution in consistently just in a very real sense. (Well, duh! God said it, so it has to be.)

Social Justice is not quite what some of the liberal camp claim to be….

God’s law calls for the death penalty for bestiality, for idolatry, for witchcraft. That would be, if we did those things today, a REAL change.

Travelers are to be cared for and those who are helpless one should help.

Hey! Here’s a biblical principle that would save the economy! “You shall not exact interest.” Might cut down on that mortgage huh?

Both God and ruler should be honored.

Offerings are to be given promptly.

God’s people are to be holy and set apart. Eating roadkill is conduct unbecoming of such.


Jn 1

WOO HOO! My favorite gospel.

Jesus is GOD! That’s how this gospel starts. We’d better get used to it. (I’m looking at you JWs).

John the Batpist came to say that the light, Jesus, God, was coming. Despite what people thought about him at the time, he wasn’t the one to come. Just the herald.

When the time was right. He came.

The will of God brings the new birth. Not the will of man. (So just pray this prayer? WRONG!)

John became somewhat of a famous (infamous) figure. Some from the Pharisees go to see who he is and he tells them plainly.

Then…. Jesus, the God-man, Homoosia, enters the scene. John announces the identity of this Jesus clearly. He then baptizes Jesus.

John’s Gospel jumps over the temptation goes right to Jesus gathering his disciples. John gives a slightly different account of the calling. Line up this account with that given in the synoptic gospels (Matt, Mark, and Luke) and you get a full story. Nice of God to do that for us, huh?

Jesus’ meeting Nathanael is one of those “chuckle” stories in Scripture. Philip tells Nathanael to come see that the Messiah has come! A man from Nazareth! Nathanael with deep scorn for people from that little ghetto scoffs. Philip says, “Ugh! C’mon!” Jesus sees the two coming and then jibes, “Hey! Here’s a true Israelite. Doesn’t know tact from a hole in the head.” Nathanael fires back, “Oh? We’ve met before teacher?” Jesus then blows Nathanael’s mind by telling him exactly what he was doing in private before anyone saw him. Nathanael then escalates his confession from Teacher to Messiah to King. (And indeed Jesus is all three.) Jesus good naturedly (is any other nature even possible!?) says that if that is what makes Nathanael believe, he will partake in far grander experiences.


Questions to Ponder:


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