Bible Reading Plan (Day 68)


DAY SIXTY-EIGHT — Exodus 21, Luke 24

Ex 21

First God gives laws on how we are to deal with Him. Then he gives lawn on how we are to deal with each other.

Our modern American pre-understanding of slavery gives us all pause when we see that word. Images of African men and women chained like cattle and treated in manners worse than cattle flood our minds. Yet, if we take a step back in our understanding we will see a different culture, a different time, and strict rules governing the treatment of slaves.

1. Hebrew slaves are limited to a service of six years.
2. A slave is allowed to take a family while in slavery but the wife and children will belong to the master unless the man, because of love for his master, wife, and children, decides to make the slavery permanent.
3. Women are easier to redeem from slavery than men and are treated better.

Manslaughter and premeditated murder are differentiated.  One who is guilty of manslaughter has the opportunity to flee.  The one who is guilty of premeditated murder, must suffer the death penalty.

Hitting one’s mother or father, kidnapping someone and selling them into slavery, or cursing one’s mother and father are all punishable by death.

If two men are in a fight and one gets knocked out, but eventually gets better the one who knocked him out must pay for his lost productivity.

The beating of a slave to death is punishable. The injury of a slave is punishable by the slave’s freedom. ( And the slave is thereby compensated with freedom.)

The causing of a miscarriage resulting in damage to the baby is punishable with consequence equal to the damage caused to the baby.

If an animal goes haywire and kills someone it is the animals fault. If it happens to the same animal again, it is the owners fault. The restitution is proportional to the social status of the person involved.

Restitution is to be equal to the loss.


Lk 24

Jesus is risen! As we approach Resurrection Sunday, let us remember that He is risen indeed. By that our faith is validated.

It is not until post-resurrection that the story becomes clear and it all makes sense.

The Risen Lord commands the disciples to stay in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit comes to give them power.


Questions to Ponder:

* So far, what do we know about God’s character from these laws?

* Listen to this sermon on The Ascension from Mr. Dr. Bro. John MacArthur (Evangelical Pope).


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