Bible Reading Plan (Day 67)


DAY SIXTY-SEVEN — Exodus 20 , Luke 23

Ex 20

The first part of this chapter should be very familiar to us all. Some may remember it better in Ye Olde King James English. Either way this is the Ten Commandments, the foundation of the moral law.

1. Monotheism (vv 2-3)
YHWH, the one who showed Himself with mighty power to be the Saviour of His chosen people by bringing the nation of Israel out of Egypt, is the only true God.

2. Idolatry (vv 4-6)
Worship must be given to YHWH on YHWH’s terms. Much of the remainder of Exodus and Leviticus will explain exactly how.

3. Blasphemey (v 7)
The name of YHWH is holy and must be treated as such. Those who abuse the name of the Lord are guilty of a great sin. (This also crosses over to the name of Jesus.)

4. Sabbath (vv 8-11)
There must be a day of rest. Just as God Himself rested on the seventh day, so must we.

5. Respect for Parents (v 12)
The Lord appoints our parents to be our parents. For that reason we must honor them.

6. Murder (v 13)
The unjust taking of a human life is forbidden. (This command goes back to Genesis.) The ESV footnote clarifies that the word also includes doing so “through carelessness or negligence.”

7. Adultery (v14)
Man and woman, once married, are to remain that way and share that relationship only with each other.

8. Theft (v 15)
The taking of something not yours is forbidden.

9. False Witness (v 16)
One must tell the truth. (While some say this only involves truth telling in the legal setting, there is good scriptural evidence that supports the general, everyday context.)

10. Coveting (v 17)
Not only are we not to take something that doesn’t belong to us, we are not to obsess about getting something that does not belong to us. We are to be content in our circumstances.

At the sight and sound of The Lord (rather, at the effects of his presence), the people fear.  This is good. The Lord wants this muted display of his person to be burned into their minds so that they may not sin. (Note! It does not say “that you may not be tempted” but “that you may not sin.”)

The Lord then begins to start with some rules for right worship.
* An altar is okay for the purpose of sacrifices and burnt offerings and peace offerings.
* It will be a place of blessing.
* If made of stone must not be cut or chiseled.
* Should not be approached with stairs. (They dressed differently back then.)


Lk 23

It is quite shocking how well these two reading have matched up…

The horrible death of Christ is necessary because we are such wretches. Don’t think so? We just discussed the Ten Commandments. How many have you kept?

How many lies have you told? What do you call someone who tells lies?
Ever taken anything that doesn’t belong to you? Perhaps there are some tunes on your iPod that weren’t paid for rightly? What do you call someone who takes things?
Have you taken God’s name in vain? By that you say OMG only the long way or JC, perhaps with other choice words in the mix?
Ever commit murder? (NOPE!) Well… Jesus saidthat if you hate someone, it is committing murder in your heart. What do you call someone who murders?
Ever commit adultery? (Ha! I’m not married!) Okay… ever look at someone with lust? Jesus says THAT is adultery. What do you call someone who commits adultery?

Perhaps you see yourself as a lying, thief; a blasphemous murdering adulterer. You should. That is what God sees you as.

What if, to make matters worse, we put a small chip in your brain and recorded the thoughts you had from today through Saturday and then played it for everyone to see at a Sunday matinee? Are you horrified by that thought? God sees everything you do and think.

There is no way we could ever earn our way back to God after having sinned against him so greatly. What’s more, just one sin through the world into chaos and brought death. How many have you committed today?

Every single one of us deserves death. Every single one of us deserves hell. And that is where we would justly be headed. BUT!!…

Jesus’ message was to repent and believe. Repent of sins. Turn from them in disgust and horror. Forsake them! Believe in Him. Believe that HE took that punishment of death, of being forsaken by God, so that divine justice could be satisfied and divine mercy shown with amazing grace.

Today, repent of your sins and turn to Jesus as the only hope of salvation.

That’s all…


Questions to Ponder:

*Does the 4th commandment still apply to us? Explain the reasoning behind your response.

* Repent and trust Jesus as Savior!


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