Bible Reading Plan (Day 66)


DAY SIXTY-SIX — Exodus 19, Luke 22

Ex 19

We are now about 3 months out from Egypt.

The covenant God intends to make with the people is one of works. “If you follow the rules, you will be blessed.”

Moses reports the terms to the people and the people accept.

The Lord then tells Moses and the people to prepare themselves and that the mountain is to be a very holy place.

The third day, just as the Lord had said, He descends upon Sinai with a great display of power and glory. YHWH then calls Moses to ascend the mountain.

Again, the Lord stresses the importance of consecrating themselves before the Law is given.  The Lord also commands Aaron to come back up with Moses.


Lk 22

We come again to the heart of the passion narrative.  It is in the following chapters which we see the sacrificial work of Christ upon the cross.  This work is necessary because of man’s sinful nature, the fact that he can do nothing but sin.

One of those closest to Jesus is to be the one who will betray him. 

The Lord God is sovereign over all things and knows all things.  It is because of this that Jesus can say to Peter and John where to go and who to meet and what will happen when they meet.

In Christ all of the Old Testament finds fulfillment.  Every God mandated feast, every article in the Tabernacle or Temple somehow in some way points to Jesus Christ.

Even while Jesus is teaching, the disciples continue to bicker about who will be the greatest when Jesus stages his political coup. Sadly, they still don’t get it. When Jesus tells Peter that he will deny Jesus three time, Peter denies it.

They then travel to the Mount of Olives where Jesus pleads and prays as the Father begins to crush His Son.

Judas meets up with them and kisses Jesus (a sign of friendship) in order to betray him into the hands of the guards.

Peter, finds himself watching the wretched kangaroo court from a distance and warming himself by a fire. He is asked again and again if he is one of the disciples of Jesus. He denies it. At his third denial, a rooster crows. Just as prophesied. Then the Lord looked at Peter and he remembered. And wept bitterly.

Jesus is then humiliated further and then charged with blasphemy.


Questions to Ponder:

* Read the lyrics to this hymn and meditate upon this chapter of Luke.


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