Bible Reading Plan (Day 65)


DAY SIXTY-FIVE — Exodus 18, Luke 21

Ex 18

Moses is reunited with his family. Jethro, who knew God, now REALLY knows that the Lord is God! After a time of feast and offerings, Jethro notices that Moses spends his entire day trying to solve the issues that people have. He is one man governor, legislature, and judge! Jethro knows this is not good and tells Moses to set up some system wherein he does not have to run the whole show. Moses does so. And the appellate court is born.

The principles we can take away are:

We must be willing to aid the leaders in our local church and share the burden.

The qualifications that we see are that the leaders or judges are of the people (God’s chosen), fear God, and hate sin. So too our church leaders must be of the saved, fear God, and hate sin. Yes. I think based on this verse alone those churches who hire out their worship team (or any part of leadership for that matter) to “professionals” are flat out wrong and in violation of Biblical principles and standards.


Lk 21

I love John MacArthur’s take on the widow’s offering. He says it is an indictment against the Pharisees for making a work righteous system wherein heaven can be bought, causing a poor widow to throw not to matter the way the transition flows as to an AD 70 or future date for the her last bit of money into a pot in hopes of salvation.

The temple which took decades to build will be destroyed? Preposterous! Nope. Just more proof that Jesus was who he claimed to be.

There will come a time of persecution for believers, Jesus says. When the time comes, we should not sit in jail cells and try to work out our last treatise or apologetic on Christianity. Rather, we should be ready for God himself to give us words at the right time.

Jerusalem will be destroyed (these events happened in AD 70 and may repeat themselves depending on your view) and after that the Gentiles (non-Jews 0r those not elect) will run Jerusalem.

Then, at some future date great signs will happen to show that the return of Jesus is at hand.

We are to be always vigilant and ready for persecution and the return.


Questions to Ponder:

* Think of a way you can involve yourself with sharing the burden at your local church and act upon it.

* Homework! You can find Foxe’s Book of Martyr’s here. Find some of the last words of different martyrs and the manner of their deaths.


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