Bible Reading Plan (Day 64)


DAY SIXTY-FOUR — Exodus 17, Luke 20

Ex 17

The Israelites continue their journey. They arrive and camp at Rephidim, but there is no water there. The people go back to what they were doing before.  Grumbling against the Lord. This time for water. They foolishly wonder if the Lord is indeed with them. Is it not clear that if the Lord were not with them they would have died? Do they not daily receive food from the Lord’s table?  But before we point the finger, let us ask ourselves, do we live and act and speak as though the Lord is among us?

The first battle Israel fights. And they win… Thanks to the Lord.


Lk 20

Jesus is the greatest debater EVER! That kind of maneuver needs to be practiced more today.

This parable points directly to Jesus the Christ and against those who would crucify him.

Those who fling themselves to Jesus as their only hope will experience the blessing of brokenness. The ones who do not, will be crushed when Jesus falls upon them.

How timely… Taxes…

The leaders knew that the parable was directed against them. So they ask what would be a divisive question in an attempt to stir up the people against him. With another artful dodge turned attack Jesus shows that money is not ours to possess and hold, but that it belongs to this world. It can be used for God’s good and glory (as all things), yet if the government asks for it, we should give it to them.

The next challanged begins just as hostile and ends just as biting. The Sadducees have flat out wrong views on the ressurrection and on scripture. They are so stunned that they must compliment Jesus and then keep silent. Yet Jesus will not let them! He, in turn, challenges them. They cannot answer even when the answer is literally staring them in the face.

Jesus ends with a biting condemnation of the religious leaders.


Questions to Ponder:

*The Israelites complained for lack of provision. What are they missing when they grumble? Explain how that applies to you.

*Based on Luke 20:19-26 do you think it is right to write off money given to church and chartiy on taxes? What verses support or refute your view?


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