Bible Reading Plan (Day 62)


DAY SIXTY-TWO — Exodus 15, Luke 18

Ex 15

This is a great song that has many parallels to many Psalms.

The Israelites keep walking for three days. Quickly the run out of water. Just as quickly, they forget all the miraculous things that have happened and worry about where good water will come from. When they finally find water, it isn’t good water to drink. They start getting whiny. The Lord tells Moses what to do to make the water sweet. Moses does it. The water turns good to drink and the Lord sets up a rule, “Follow my rules, do right, and I will not curse you.”

After that test they come to a beautiful oasis.


Lk 18

Prayer is not a one time thing, we must be persistent and forceful, yet humble and contrite. When we beg God for justice we must keep praying, it will come on his time.

To paraphrase Voddie Bauchum, if you can’t say “AMEN!” to this passage you’d better say “Ouch!” The man who tries to justify himself before God just wastes his breath, the man who comes to God broken and begging for mercy is the one who will have justification. Humility is the highest aim.

The Kingdom comes with humility and the ability to simply take what God says as true. (May I add that it takes wide eyed wonder to see God.)

Ah! One of my favorite passages on… Evangelism! Again, not how Jesus actually winds up driving the man away and not running after him. What a sad affair when the Lord himself would show you your true state only for you to walk away without repentance.

Jesus again tells the apostles EXACTLY what is going to happen. Yet, “this saying was hidden from them.”

What once was blind, now sees. (Sounds like me…)


Questions to Ponder:

*List the characteristics of YHWH mentioned in the song. Explain which ones give you pause.

*Why would the apostles have their minds blocked from understanding what Jesus was saying on his death?


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