Bible Reading Plan (Day 61)


DAY SIXTY-ONE — Exodus 14, Luke 17

Ex 14

God took a people that were in bondage for 430 years and pulled them out of slavery. Yanked them out like a bad tooth would be a good simile. I say that because of the pain with which they were removed. 10 plagues befell Egypt. The last one was the death of all the firstborn which left a… cosmic debt… (go ahead and lambaste me for that phrase but if you know me you know what I mean) which the Israelites were then obligated to pay from that point on. The Israelites follow a pillar of cloud all during the day, and at night the would follow a pillar of fire. Could God POSSIBLY get any more glorified out of this? Oh you’d better believe it!

As the Israelites follow the path for Lord sets for them, he tells Moses to camp in a certain spot and and that he will cause Pharaoh to again pursue them.  Indeed, such a thing happens that Pharaoh takes his army and hunts down the Israelites.

Surrounded by Pharaoh with his army on one side and the sea on the other the Israelites panic.  Even after being drawn out of slavery the do not see the mighty hand of God at work in this situation.  Moses, however, has the inside track, and he tells the Israelites not to worry Lord will be the one to fight for them.

Rather than immediately striking down Pharaoh in his army God has something more spectacular in mind.  He tells the Israelites to go forward through the water!  The Lord gives instructions to Moses and then the cloud moves from in front of them two behind them taking the position of rearguard.  Moses stretches at his hands and the sea splits open!  The people walk across on dry land. After the people make it across the Egyptian army is thrown into confusion by the Lord as the start into the sea to follow the Israelites. Then, The Lord tells Moses to stretch out his hands. And the Lord shuts the sea, drowning Pharaoh and his army.

The Lord saves. The Lord gets glory. He always has, and always will.


Lk 17

Sin is a part of our fallen state. We WILL face temptation to sin, but we needn’t obsess over the fact that temptation will rear it’s ugly head. What we must worry about is our causing anyone temptation. We are to forgive a repentant person, continuously.

The apostles say they need more faith to swallow that. Jesus replies that just a little, tiny bit of faith is so powerful it makes the most impossible things possible.

We are slaves to the Lord. (Not in the Amistad sense, but in the Mr. Belvedere without a paycheck sense.) The Lord wills us to be humble, that our service is not a matter of awaiting thanks, but of being unworthy and doing our duty.

 Before, Jesus made a hero of a Samaritan in the parable he told of the… well… Good Samaritan. Now again a Samaritan comes to fore as the  good guy. This would annoy the Jewish audience as they viewed the Samaritan race as half-breeds.

This part of Luke parallels with Matthew 24.

The coming of the Kingdom is not Jesus overthrowing Rome or putting Herod to shame. It is deeper. The Kingdom of heaven is indeed within moving without. It is a regenerate heart living out repentance and faith, sharing the good news with those around. When the end of time comes it will be from bad to worse. It will be sudden and unexpected by all those without eyes to see and ears to hear. Just as it was in Noah, those righteous will cry out the gospel until the wicked are carried away to destruction and the righteous to life. Remember Lot’s wife. She looked back. She had her heart belonging to the world and not to God. Our lives must be less and Christ must be more. No. Our lives must be nothing and Christ must be all.


Questions to Ponder:

*God took an impossible situation and turned it into an opportunity to show his glory to those who hate him and those who love him. What situations in your life has this same thing happened to you?

* I may have asked this question before: Who does God look down upon more, the pornographer or the one viewing the pornography? Why? Does that absolve any party of responsibility?


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