Bible Study Notes (3/1/09)


Psalm 60



2 Sam 8:1-14


The ark has returned to Jerusalem after several long years. Under Saul the nation was always under attack, but under David, the nation was attacking! The borders grew and they began to take the land promised to them.



There is a discrepancy between the number 12,000 here and the 18,000 back in 2 Samuel. We can explain that in different ways. Perhaps it was one part of the battle in which 12,000 were killed and another part in where in the remaining 6,000 were killed.  Another option is that the 12,000 was an early count of the casualties.  The 18,000, is the later count.

We also see that this Psalm is written for our instruction; there is something for us to learn here.



This song begins as a cry of lament.  It is a complaint against God for the way he has treated his people.  Israel has been under attack, oppressed by the Philistines, and at times even enslaved.  In the midst of battle God’s people cry out. They have seen the Ark of the Covenant taken from them and carried into the hands of their enemies. The people cry that they have a place to run to for protection and it is the Lord!  That He can deliver and save and will.


God had broken the modern church. He has allowed the enemies of culture to infiltrate and even corrupt some of those who profess to be shepherds.  Further, He has allowed that a majority of the American church would be drunk. They would exhibit foolishness and frivolity when it comes to preaching, teaching, and holy living. He has allowed that those who are indeed his to be scattered amongst different churches (buildings and denominations) and placed in their hearts a longing to run to His Banner, the banner of the Gospel, for safety. God will save and He will hear us who call to Him. “Send us preaching of the Word unadorned by entertainment and cultural knickknacks. Send us preachers to preach boldly the Truth without compromise to those in darkness. Send us the Spirit to make our hearts pliable and open to such preaching. May it wound and break us so that we die to self ever more and strive to live lives of holiness and constant repentance as we cling to the finished work of Christ as our only hope for salvation!” 



This set of verses is filled with hope for God speaks! We see God say HE will divvy up the land. That the land belongs to Him, not to the enemies which they are currently fighting, but to God and he will give it to whom he chooses to give it.

Judah as scepter see Gen 49:10.

But those lands and people who come against the Lord they shall be put to shame. A washbasin, a shoe carrier and a totally defeated foe are the enemies of Israel.


God, in his holiness, will reclaim his church. Not the Baptists or Presbyterians or Lutherans or Methodists, but the ones whose names are written in the book of life. Those are His and he knows each by name. He will give to them an inheritance and to the enemies of his people he will give nothing and even what they have will be taken from them.



At last comes a prayer, hopeful and heartfelt. The Psalmist first wonders who it will be who will lead the fight. God? Have you forsaken your people? HELP! LORD! HELP! With man it is in vain, but with you all things are indeed possible and with you there is victory!


God, who seems to have abandoned his people, waits; that we should call out to him from a broken heart. Who will lead us against the enemies of our culture? How shall we fight against the loose living that so pervades our culture? On our own we cannot do it any more than Peter or John could have faces the Council without the power of the Spirit (see Acts 4:1-22). How much less can we save ourselves from our greatest foe, sin? Yes. God is the one who saves! “Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the LORD GOD is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation.” (Is 12:2)


Let us go to Yah, YHWH in repentance and faith. Let us do so daily. As long as the sun shall rise, as long as a man shall breathe, and as long as world comes against us, we must cling to Jesus as our hope of salvation, our victory over sin, and our banner.


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