Bible Reading Plan (Day 58)


DAY FIFTY-EIGHT — Exodus 11, Luke 14

Ex 11

There are only ten verses in this chapter but the theology in them is quite deep. I will go quicky so you can look into it further for yourself.

1) God had his plan of redemption set. (v1) YHWH has sent plague after plague upon Egypt and from the plagues have come much suffering and death. No doubt the people of Egypt were wondering when the suffering and pain would end and the people of Israel wondering when thier freedom would come. God has his plan set and he has his reasons for it.

2) YHWH is in control of life and death. (v 5) He made us and can kill us without any injustice. Creator Rights. This  means there is nothing unfair about YHWH authoring the death of Egyptian children the same way an author can throw away a manuscript.

3) YHWH makes the holiness of his people obvious. (v 7) Some plagues were common to the Egyptians and Israelites, but God does indeed make a differentiation in peoples.

4) YWHW’s pirmary concern is for HIS glory (v9). Hopefully we have seen this before, and it is again emphasized here. Pharaoh could have listened to Moses and said, “I don’t want our firstborn to die! Go!” Yet YHWH hardend the heart of Pharaoh (v10) so that His glory would be made manifest to the Egyptians, the Israelites and all the world over.


Lk 14

Jesus challenges the Pharisees on healing. Back in the time there was a view that emergency medical aid could be given on the Sabbath, but routine medical care was forbidden.

Many Christians try to find places of honor or exaltation. The Christian experience should be one of seeking the lowest position.

The Jewish people were called to Christ, yet they had better things to tend to. They had thier relgious duties to tend to. Therefore the Master called to the Gentiles that they would partake in the feast! What a shame that would be to those proud religious Jews who rejected the Christ!

Our following of Christ will cost us. It may very well cost us family, frienships, and life. We must be willing to take up the most shameful place in the world to be a follower of Christ. Jesus admonishes us to be ready and willing to do so and not be shocked when it happens.


Questions to Ponder:

*What other theological implications do you see in Exodus 11?

*What has Christianity cost you?


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