Bible Reading Plan (Day 57)


DAY FIFTY-SEVEN — Exodus 10, Luke 13

Ex 10

Here we see the next two plagues as things get worse for the Egyptians.

What’s the purpose of these plagues? So that God’s people may know he is YHWH!

The hail has left many dead and the crops mostly destroyed. Now Aaron and Moses tell Pharaoh the time is over if he refuses to humble himself.

Pharaoh says he will allow only the men to go.

Then the locusts come. They turn that little fertile crescent into a wasteland. Pharaoh, it seems, repents when the land is destroyed, but the Lord hardens his heart as soon as the threat of danger is gone.

Without warning darkness falls over the land. For three days it was dark beyond belief. Pharaoh calls Moses and tells him to stop the darkness and that he will let all the people go, but the livestock must stay. He wants insurance of their return.

No deal.

The last of the plagues is coming.


Lk 13

Repentance is necessary for eternal life. Many people think tragedy is a bad time for this kind of preaching. Seems to me Jesus thought it was the perfect time.

The Christian life must bear fruit. A Christian who does not bear fruit is not Christian!

Restoration is not a work that will be rested from (yet.)

The Kingdom of Heaven is small, but the effects are phenomenal.

How small, there will be relatively few people who are in the kingdom. How intolerant and narrow minded.

Jerusalem, the city Jesus loves will one day be torn to ruins. The people who live there make habit of killing and disowning all those sent to save it. They will soon be Ichabod.


Questions to Ponder:

*Look for what types for fruit are born in a Christian life. (Hints: repentance, spirit, 1 John)


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