Bible Reading Plan (Day 56)


DAY FIFTY-SIX — Exodus 9, Luke 12

Ex 9

The mighty show of YHWH’s power continues with more plagues. They keep getting worse and worse and worse.

The next plague the Lord warns Pharaoh through Moses and Aaron that the livestock of Egypt will have a horrid plague befall them while the livestock of Israel are immune. And it happens. And Pharaoh remains hard.

Next Moses and Aaron go before Pharaoh. Moses, as ordered, takes some soot from the kiln and throws it in the air in front of Pharaoh. As the soot spreads through the air, the people break out with boils. The magicians are completely powerless! The Lord fulfills his promise to harden Pharaoh’s heart.

God was not playing before and he is most DEFINITELY not playing now. He makes it clear that the plagues from here on out are directed at Pharaoh and the Egyptians for the purpose of showing his glory!

This plague is of hail and lightning and storm. Those Egyptians who knew that God was angry went and hid. Those who didn’t… All hail boke loose.

It may have been an accident that the livestock and boils plagues missed the Israelites. Very possible, but when Goshen is having sunny days as Egypt is pummled with hail… Not so much…

Pharaoh’s words are telling. THIS TIME I have sinned. The others, not so much. But THIS TIME!

Moses says that he will indeed plead to God to stop the hail, but Moses knows that Pharaoh’s repentance is not genuine. How does he know? YHWH already told him.

The plagues are getting worse and worse. People are dying. Pharaoh is getting harder and harder. This cannot end well… for Pharaoh.


Lk 12

The Gospel is not hypocritical! Though for now it is not fully revealed, the time will come when what the disicples whispered about in upper rooms will be proclaimed to all the world!

When persecution comes from preaching the gospel (and it will!) we are NOT to fear the people who can just mess with our body. We should be afraid the one who can condemn us to hell.

Evangelism is not optional. There is no such thing as a Christain who does not go out and share his or her faith. (If you can’t say “Amen!” you better say, “Ouch!” — Voddie Baucham). The source of fear should not be accidentally blowing a gospel presentation but denying the work of the Holy Spirit in conversion and our strength should be the Holy Spirit who will help us when the rubber hits the road.

Arguments of wealth and prosperity are vanity!

22-34 are a big section in today’s economy. Our needs will be met.  Also, we are to be God’s tools in helping to meet the needs of others.

We must be ready for the return of Christ since it may happen at any moment!

Christianity is a religion of peace with God, but not of peace with man. With man we will have enmity because they hate our message and the one we represent.

Jesus then rebukes the people for not knowing who he was and what was about to happen.

We all have a conscience and should obey it. If we are wrong we should admit so and do our best to perform restitution apart from civil law whenever possible.


Questions to Ponder:

*Look back over the last few chapters of Exodus and explain what is going on with Pharaoh’s heart.

*Share the gospel with someone today. Hand them a tract, have a conversation, anything!


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