Bible Reading Plan (Day 55)


DAY FIFTY-THREE — Exodus 8, Luke 11

Ex 8

The plagues c0ntinue as YHWH shows His power.

The second plague is frogs. Moses and Aaron warn Pharaoh about this but Pharaoh has his lackeys do the same thing. Yet the frogs get so out of hand that he calls Moses and Aaron back and begs them to make the frogs stop so he can let the Israelites go. Moses then calls to God who kills all the frogs. The land is now covered with dead frogs. But Pharaoh hardens his heart and does not let the people go.

The third plague is gnats. Aaron strikes the ground and causes all the dust to turn to gnats. The magicians of Pharaoh try to copy it but to no avail. They tell Pharaoh that, sho’ nuff… this is God. But Pharaoh hardens his heart.

Next, God, through Moses, brings forth flies. He warns Pharaoh who scoffs. When the flies come and bother only the Egyptians, Pharaoh begs Moses to make it stop and that he would let the people sacrifice, but not leave. Moses does not entertain that idea. Pharaoh agrees but keeps a tight leash on them. Moses warns Pharaoh not to go back on his word and then leaves to ask God to make the flies stop. God does. Pharaoh heardens his heart.


Lk 11

We start off this chapter with Luke’s version of Jesus’ teaching on prayer.

Running a demon out based on moralism and works, just leaves an empty void for more sin to come in.

Jonah? Repentance? That sounds like something I heard this weekend… (see Questions to Ponder)

Jesus cautions against us keeping our faith and our salvation a dirty little secret. If we do, we might not be saved at all.

Lastly Jesus rebukes the Pharisees as he did in Matthew 23.


Questions to Ponder:

*Is Pharaoh repentant? Explain.

*Get fed from this sermon by David Miller on THE REPENTANCE OF NINEVAH.


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