Bible Reading Plan (Day 54)


DAY FIFTY-FOUR — Exodus 7, Luke 10

Ex 7

God lays it all out for Moses. God is going to tell Moses what to tell Aaron to tell Pharaoh. BUT! God Himself made it so that Pharaoh won’t listen. Thought it will be a struggle, God designs the whole thing for His glory.

So Moses and Aaron go before Pharaoh who demands to see a sign to prove that they are who they say they are. When Aaron throws his staff down and God turns it into a snake, the Pharaoh’s people do the same thing. BUT! Aaron’s staff eats the others. Pharaoh is not impressed.

God then does what He does best. (Well… the ONLY thing He does.) He sets to glorify himself.  He does so (as we know) by ten plagues. The first of which, He turns the Nile into blood. The Pharaoh’s magicians the do the same thing so Pharaoh shurgs it off and goes home. Meanwhile, there is a shortage of good water for seven days.


Lk 10

Jesus sends out a larger group to go to witnessing. They go out. He then warns of woe to those who would not repent, saying that even the most vile city, if repented, is better of the the most “holy” city without repentance. When the group returns they are completely high from the works they were able to perform. Jesus redirects thier levity to not be happy and excited about the fruit of thier works (casting out demons), but the root (being saved). He then rejoices that God has given the deep mysteries of the univerese to those who have simple faith. Then he tells the disciples that they are blessed because they got to see clearly what the prophets could only see dimly.

When a lawyer (seeker) comes up to Jesus and asks what the requirements are for salvation, Jesus points him to the Law and asks what it says. The man answers rightly in verse 27. Jesus gives him kudos and says that if he follows that he’s good to go. Then the man tries to justify himself as he knows he hasn’t fulfilled that law by asking for clarification on the term “neighbor.” Jesus then gives a parable using a character from the most despised people group as the hero. When he gets done, he asks the lawyer who was the “neighbor.” The lawyer responds, again, rightly, that the neighbor is the merciful one. Jesus then commands the lawyer to show mercy.

Then Jesus stays at the home of Mary and Martha (and Lazarus). While there Mary listens to what Jesus says, Martha is busy with the womanly duties of the house. When Martha tells Jesus to scold Mary for not doing as she should, Jesus then rebukes Martha for not realizing the importance of hearing the Word of the Lord.


Questions to Ponder:

*Explain why Moses and Aaron were grumbling and complaining about the lack of response up to this point, but seem to stifle here?

*Examine yourself to see if you rejoice more in the benefits of sanctification or the salvation itself.


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