True Church Conference (Session 9)


Taking the Message to the World
Paul Washer
Lk 14:36-49

7 requirements of the Christian misisonary

1) Totally convinced of the ressurection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
This is attacked from without and within the Christian community.
V 36 gk very careful to emphasize Jesus himself!

Back in 33 and 34 this is contrasting what before. What’s important? Further in 36 he hismeslf stood with them. The apostles testimony is now 1st hand testimony.

If you are going to be a missionary you can’t rely on the 2nd hand testimony of others.

V 37
Why is this in here? the witnesses misunderstood so much. If Luke were writng myth this would not be in the text. It also shows the real hero. Who is the real hero? There’s only one and it is God.

The church is built upon the testimony of the apostles and prophets and only because Christ is the cornerstone and holds it all together.

It shows us the nature of divine revelation.

“Unless Christ gives the interperetion there will be no knwolegdeg or wisdom anomng men.”

Christ’s great concern v 39.
Proof of resurrection. Comanded to examine. Proved by eating.
3 motives
*Prove really rose: real hsitorical physical
*His body wasz same body that died.

Entire event proves essential nature of ressurection. Anyone who wavers on the fact of ressurection we do not need to learn from or understand or fellowship with they are not Christian!

Foundational truth of gospel.

Resurrection is source of missionaries strength.

2) must be convinced of their own peace with God
V 36 peace to you.

The apostles had flat out denied him!
(Dt promise of Christ “one from among you”)

Denied the son of man from the book of Daniel (every nation might serve)

They must have been like elders of Bethlehem. Prophet Samuel was coning and said, “is there peace?”

They must have felt like Joseph’s brothers.

This appearance strenghtned these men.

Peter denied the lord then years later paul rebuked peter for his slipping from the gospel.

One of the things that propelled them was this one day when Jesus Christ should have dcondemned everyone of them.

Romans, who will bring a charge against God’s elect. God but he justifies. And he alone. And he alone who died and raised and in terceedes.

This caused the men to joyfully proclaim the gospel. The preacher must be entirely convinced of the grace of God.

3) Must have personal intimate experimental relationship with the resurrected Christ.
Experience! V39-41
Beware of giving testimony based upon the testimony of other men!
(Samaritan woman at well)
Job “heard by the hearing of ear but now eyes see you, I repent…” only personal encounter creates heart response. When God opens your earlids and eyelids!

How does that happn? Convicted in illuminating work of Holy Spirit at conversion and new birth understanding justification by faith and we cry out abba father!

It comes when men of better sense are tucked in their beds. Of being shut up to God.
Empowerings and fillignS of the Holy Spirit.
From countless trails and peace apart from the supernatural.
Give us men who have been ravuished and mauled by God then we will hacve nmissionaries

4) Must have a torough grasp of scriptural knowege
V 44
Must have high view of scripture. (Also 34.)
No making it palatable!
Proclaim Christ as the only expected person!
The jist of prophecy is the suffering and ressurection of Christ and the preaching of repentance unto remission of sins.
Ps 22 afetr explaing suffering “all ends of the earth will rememebr and turn to the lord!”
Warning against hyper-literalism.
Must study the gosepl carefully.
Christ must give the meaning.
Missionaries must beour greatest theologians!
The attributes of God
Radical dpeavitery.of man
Person and work of Christ.
Wath of God.
Doctine of regen
Nature of regen

5) 3 infinitves of misionary Christ to suffer to rise we to proclaim (v46)
Proclaim formaily gravity and to be obeyd.

Paul uses 4 words to describe preacing. None of the term are rhetorical. None are found in rhetorical lit. We are heralds! Role of herald was not to discover persuasive probablilites or seek arugments that would persuade but to articulate the message of another. The preacher is only a faithful messenger to preach if people like it or not.
Prolcaim what? V 47 repentance and faith!

6) Must be burdend for the world.
Your heart must resonate with the great comission.
You will not be satisfied until the flag of Christ waves on every hill of the world! Missions begins where we are. Do not forget the individual. “Do you care about me?” Are you in love with missions or are you in love with souls?

7) Missions is full of mundane taske a plow horse mentality is necessary.

Are you clothed with power from on high!?


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