True Church Conference (Session 8)


“Counseling Seekers for Repentance”
Jeff Noblit
Various Texts

The glory of God is everything. God will be most glorified in his church the church needs revival and reformation whicl will require suffering on the part of God’s shepherds but the glory of God is worth it.

We must live out the doctrines we belive.
Reformed, but always reforming.

Counseling Seekers:

Problem with counseling is that most don’t do any or it is very minimalistic.

We can find adequate guidelines to see who is converted.

There is a great numbers idolatry in evangelicalism, but what sayeth the scriptures?

Objection: No man can judge of a person is saved or lost!
Response: We are not priests and have no authority to pronounce one saved or lost. We are undershepherds. Stewards over another’s property. Mt 16:18. We get the privilege of being on the building with Jesus Christ. He builds his church through the ministry of men but not on the men. “I so give them Christ that they love me more and need me less.”

We must be in considerable prayer humility and trembling.

Ac 2:47
Our responsibility is to use the scriptures to discern who the Lord is or is not adding to the church.

Our job is not to declare salvation but to guide the seeker to see what the Lord has or has not done in their lives.
Mt 16:19
Peter is  either the pope or a leader among equals.
They can declare what heaven has already decided.

Objection: People immediately baptized in Acts.
Response: No clear proof of that. Also an unusual move of the Holy Spirit. Culture was radically opposed to the doctrine of Jesus Christ.  If you were to confess Christ and be baptized more akin to us going to town square of Terhan, Iran and blaring out to all to say “this man denounces Mohammed and proclaims Jesus Christ!” that was Acts! Our context is much different.
Baptisms must be rich and meaningful.

I. Discerning Awakening Conviction and Conversion.
Heb 6:4-6
Tasted means taste but not swallow.
The Sprit of God has done some work but not done the full conversion work. Preliminary work of tasting. We must wrestle here.
Mk 4:3-8
Awakend, perhaps convicted, but short of conversion.

Usually a season of awakening then comes conviction.
Jn 16:8
Soul goes beyond intrest in spiritual things and has awareness of sins.
“That’s me!” as you go through the scripture.
Ro 3 our motives are deceptive and they will sense it.
Eph 2 (dead in tresspasses and sins, etc.)

That rising of faith in Jesus Christ. Not intellectual assent but a beliefe in God as only hope and remedy.
Christ becomes object of faith and treasure.
One must have a basic understanding of Christ, sin, and atonement.
Affections and intent of the will must be true.

These are all different.

Actual Counseling Session
Any new unique program is not biblical.
What we use should be the same things Paul, Bunyan, Spurgeon, and Whitefield used.
There is not a four step process. God does it and we discern.

3 Components of Session
1) Scriptures
2) Holy Spirit
*pray and believe the Holy Spirit will work. Believe the Holy Spirit wants to use the word to convert.
3) Knowlageable Counseler
*knows gospel, has discernment. Ro 10:17, must know the word! Know God’s in charge of saving. NOT ABOUT ME! We are expendable, God does the saving.
4) Have tools available.
*Sermons, books, scripture studies. Faith comes from hearing!

4 essential activites
1) press lostness and condemnation
*urge to run to Christ in faith. Never wait to see if they are convicted before conviction. Tell them because and the bible tells them! The more people we witness to the more elect we find.

2) Look for witness of Holy Spirit while using scriptures.
* Ro 8:16 is what we are looking for. (Rarely you will gave to tell a person.)

3) Give them homework.
*Thomas Boston
*Noblit Tract
*Sheets of verses
*How to write testimony
(Get Packet!)

Do the best we can for the glory of God in counseling seekers.


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