True Church Conference (Session 7)


My Journey in Grace So Far
Jonathan Simms
2 Pt 3:18

1 Sam 7

The rock ebenezer.

Why so far? Sanctification is progressive.

The one indespensible quality of a disciple of Jesus Christ is a teachable spirit.

My salvation was verse by verse book by book expository preaching.

Friendships helped too. Men who were struggling with the same thing I was struggling with.

1) Doctrine of inability of man
Eph 2:4-5
All born dead and cannot repent and believe in that state. They must be quickened.
Unless the regenerating spirt of God comes the dead man will never choose Christ!
Ro 2:4
Ac 16:31
Apart from the quickening work of the Holy Spirit there is no salvation!
Ro 3:11-12(?)
Is man pretty good and needs a little nudge of God or is he dead and needs a resurrection?

Divine Initiative
God starts and we are the responder.
Jn 15:16
The sweetest post covnersion discovery is the doctrine of election.
Eph 1:4-7
The very definition of grace! Before we were born God in grace chose us to be his people and took the initiavitve to call us to himself.
Jn 10:27-30
Effectual call
My job is to faithuflly preach the gospel knowing God will faithfully draw people through his word.

Evidences of Genuine Conversion
Ro 8:29-31
When God begins the good work nothing can stop it!
All chosen will live a life of obedience to Jesus Christ.
You cannot be sanctified unless you are justified.

Fears and Doubts So Far…
*Knowlege puffeth up.
Judgementlaism, pride.
*Monastic separatist spirit.
Even Jesus didn’t withdraw completely from the world.
*Arrogant young preachers
*More people weak on the local church.
Eph 5:23, 26
Rev 2:1
Most of Paul’s letters written to local churches.
*Cooling of evangelism

1) 20 years trying to establish this and why I have no hair and eyesight not good.
It has been a fight!

With the pulpit of the church firmy rooted and anchored in expository preaching and teaching of the word of God.

With church discipline being regular and lovingly practiced.

With standards for biblical leaderhsip opperating

Grasp of gospel

God centered theology

Process for church membership

Focus on conversion not decision.

We are doing may unique things with those aforementioned established

“If we’ve got the true message why aren’t we taking it to ’em?”

My theology has not isolated me. It has propelled me. It has thrust me.

Take it to em for the gloy of God.


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