True Church Conference (Session 6)


Voddie Baucham
Ps 51

Brokenness is the place where God stops us and causes us to see the end we will come to if we go down the wrong road.

The great tragedy of our culture is the belief that discomfort is problematic.

Jessie Johnson. Pulpit Magazine “God’s aren’t angry tour.”
The Shack.

The appropriate response to sin is brokenness.

Brokenness is an appropriate response to sin! The organ of David’s eyes wept.

This is not appeasing God my selfabuse, but a response to a hoyl God when we recognize we have offended him.

vv1-2 all terms have varied readings but it is bold italic underline. “Blot out” same term used for God describing flood. “Wash me” a woman washing clothes and scrubbing them on a washboard. “Cleanse me” ceremonial reference ready for religious use.

There’s scar tissue on us all. We are forgiven but live with consequences. When we have a flippant attitude toward sin it is because we don’t understand the consequences. Becuase Jesus died

Sin scars and stains us.

Sin creates memories that stay with us.

V 3 a year after the fact of the sin! He still remembers his sin.

Why is that good we can’t forget?
1) You could never testify of the goodness of God!
2) We would not be warned against doing them again!
3) We could not rejoice in our victories.

His work in me may not be complete I’m not who I ought to be but hallelujah I’m not who I was!

Brokenness over is sin is appropriate because it is an affront to a holy God. vv 4-6

Sissified needy Jesus. I hate it! Why? Rev 19:11 THAT’S MY JESUS!! This is the one against whom you sinned.

Tho he should have killed me in my sleep yet by his grace he has allowed me to live another day. Brokenness is VERY Appropriate.

Sin is a hindrance to the true worship of God.
vv 7-12
No brokenness no joy or gladness.

We think we are owed something.

Is 1:10-18
He’s talking to Israel.
Trampling of my courts is what’s happening in the “relevant” church!
Iniquity and solemn assembly do not go together.
Scarlet! The stain! He will wash.

Without brokenness all we have is the appeasement of the tyrannical old man and appeasement never works for long.

Only in brokenness does worship make sense.

Thomas a Kempis “Imitation of Christ”

When we come to the end of ourselves we realize God is worthy of worship! Only then we see the matchless majesty of Christ and the answer to our problem.

Everything David needs can only be found in God!

Brokenness is not for you to feel bad but for you to understand God’s grace and mercy.

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