True Church Conference (Session 5)


National Repentance- The Repentance of Ninevah
David Miller
Jonah 3

The purpose of Jonah is not whale belly size, but to show us the heart of God. This book is a historical narrative to express God’s heart.

Ch 1= Jonah’s concept of God is limited
Ch 2= God’s condemnation of Jonah is lethal.
Ch 3= Jonah’s compliance to God is legendary
Ch 4= Jonah’s consternation to God is loathsome.

In ch 1:1&2 God’s decleration of his mercy. Mercy? 3200 years of human civilization and yet jonah is the first missionary of record that God had ever sent beyond the borders of Palestine. The warning was neither necessary or deserved. It eas a tremendous delcaration of the mercy of God.

Jonah fail3ed to discern the omnipresense of God.
The way you believe affects the way you behave.

Jonah failed to discern the providence of God.

Jonah’s terrible defence, his deceleration regarding his master.

In chapter 2 Jonah experiences repentance of his sins.

The main point of Jonah is not the fact that he was swallwoed by the whale. The main point is that God is goingt grant rpenentance  to the ninevites and that’s grace!

God will also broaden the theological horuizipns and overcome personal prejudices.

God also will use Jonah Christologically.

“The God of the bible is a missionaty type God. He is an evangelist. Grace always takes the iniative. And we are about to explore the greatest one day one man evangelistic crusade ever recorden in human hisotry. From 600,000 to 1mil people repent at  the preaching of Jonah. Yet you don’t have this crusade held up as a model for evangelism at church grwoth seminars.”

1. Review of preaching
Preacher himself. 2 Ki 14:25. Son of widow of Zerepah (Eliah raised her son from the dead.) Traditon only not scripture. His commission: “Go and preach what I tell you.” Tantamount God sending a Jew going to preach to Hitler.

Ninevah capital of Assyrian empire. The nemesis of the Israelite people. Gorgeous but godless. Spelndid but sinful. Wealthy but wicked. Known for cruelty to POWs.

The preaching? “40 days and Ninevah will be overthrown!” it is a great mercy when God sends a warning. That is mercy and grace.

2. Response of the people in Ninevah
V5 the people belived God, proclaimed a fast and put on sackcloth. All the people regardless of status.

a) they confessed their sins

b) they confessed the sovereignty of God.

In the midst of despair a sovereign God can turn the hearts of depraved sinners.

3. Repenting of the Potentate.
God does change his mind! God’s essential nature is never changed. He is immutable. God does not rpent in the same sense as you and I or the neinevites repented. To say so would be sujesting God would be guilty of sin. God does not need to to repent of sin. But God does change his mind nntbuis sense. When there is a change when there is repentance when there is faith God changes his outward dealings with his subjects.

God was immutable if they did or did not repent. God himself initiated the repentance and the mercy began before the mercy commenced. Was that not case with you?


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