True Church Conference (Session 3)


The Repenting Believer
Jonathan Sims
1 Sam 7

(See 4-6 too)

1 Cor 10:11 OT is useful to instruct us.

For 20 years Isrealites were content to leave the Ark in someone’s house.

Note v16.
Sam’s life revolves around Jacob to Isreal, Isreal into the prmised land, and Israel repenting. Our life will revolve around an ebenezer called repentance.

Ebenezer means “a stone of help”

There are monuments of grace to help us circuit through and return to Mizpah in repentance before the Lord.

1) Lamentation (v2)
Heb means to wail and moan and cry out to the Lord.

Matthew Henry: “True repentance and conversion begin with repenting after the Lord.”

Godly sorrow works repentance (find verse)

Ro 2:4

Repentance is a mark of sonship.

Our Lord helps us with this.

2) Faithful preacher (v3)
Key phrase? Samuel said. (Heb: Charged, challenged)
God uses faithful bible preachers as an ebenezer to call people to repentance. God didn’t call a pastor to be people’s buddy but to call them to repent.

Rev 2:5

Repentance is a wholehearted return to love and fellowship.

No change no repentance. There will be a change in behavior. “Put away” heb: Sur can mean rebel.

MH: True repentance strikes at the darling sin.

Prepare hearts. Ordain them so that you are only worshipping the Lord.

With pinpoint accuracy God comes and deals with us and wants us to put it away.

((Question: what is one to do when a local church is nonexistent))

3) Help of judgement.
vv 4-6
What a loving and gracious thing for God to break hearts for restoration!
God uses judgment to push us to repentance.
Does God discipline you when you sin? That’s fruit of conversion.
God uses the rod of chastening to drive us back.
To repent is to pour our sin with no possiblitiy of taking it back.

William House: Repentance is when I take sides with God against myself.

The worst judgement is when God leave us to ourselves.

4) Deliverance
V 10,13
Repentance leads to victory and disobedience leads to defeat.

*Could it be the reason there is defeat is that there is no taking sides with God against self?*

5) God centeredness
1 Sam 4, 5, 6 all man-centered. Chapter 7 God focused.

Man centered ministries are destined for discouragement and defeat.

Metanoia, the mind afterwards.

God has brought me to this point.

Repenting believer
V 16
Circuit means to revolve around Samuel and Isreal revovled around the reminder of election (Ebthel), Gilgal of conversion, Mizpah repentance.

We must continually put ourselves under God’s word and his graces leads us safely home.


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