True Church Conference (Session 2)


Grace Wrought Repentance
Jeff Noblit
Multiple Texts

((Doctrines of grace are good but we do not focus on worship we become reactionary.))

The 2 great graces that are essential are repentance and faith. Faith without repentance is a faith that must be repented of.

Sin will be prevalent until heaven so we must always repent.

Repent is the first word of the gospel Richard Owen Roberts.

Lastly too
Lk 24:47

Covenant of works, no repentance. Repentance comes in with the gospel.

Law requires perfect obedience. (James 2:10, Gal 3:10)

Break the law you are cursed.

Repentance is wholly the gift of grace.

3 vv Ac 5:31, 11:18, 2 Tim 2:25
Granted (gifted) used 3 times.

Richard Owen Roberts
True Repentance is the gift
“Repentance does not come from within us to is not a natural trait…. not imparted to us by parents and other relatives… it does not rub off on us… there is only one source of repentance it is only a gift…”

Repentance you thought one way, now you think a different way.

Happens through 2 main agencies the Word and the spirit of God.

Ac 2:37
Heard preaching of the Word.

The word is the light to heaven you miss it you fall into hell.

The spirt Ac 10:44

Preachers are organ pipes. God must provide the wind

Zec 12:10

The Holy Spirit send is repentance to some but not to others. It is his work and he must grant it takes place.

Ac 16:14

I) Flesh Wrought Repentance
Repentance damns many — Augustine

A. Troubled over sin
2 Cor 7:10
Ahab was troubled but not God repentance. Ditto Judas.
Saul in 1 Sam 24:16-17 you can agree with gospel truth but that can be flesh wrought repentance. Lasts for a season then fades. Those in hell are troubled but not repentant.

B. Pragmatic Commitments Against Sin.
Troubled by effects of sin and want them to end to keep one’s own life. Found in the storm but dies in the calm.

C. Giving Up Some Sins
Drugs, smoking, etc. Cause problems so they are given up. God is cosmic power source to help you have a better life.

II. Grace Wrought Repentance
Lk 15:17
Before a man can come to Christ he must come to himself. When grace works we know we are wrong and feel sorrow for it.

A. Root of Repentance
Sorrow for sin. Beginning point that is the result of regeneration.
Zec 12:10
There is no repentance without sorrow. Do not take this as a Law. Look for the seed of the realities, but do not become legalistic.

Lk 7:38
Revival will not return to the church until bro amen and sis wet eyes come back to church.

Holy agony, breaking of the heart

Ps 51:17

1. Sorrow of the heart.
Inward!! Mt 6:16

Aneurysm of the heart a vein that bleeds deep within the body. Outside repentance is a cut that bleeds on the outside.

Mt 5:19
Sin resides in the depth of the heart so repentance must be in the depth of our hearts.

2. Godward sorrow.
Sorrow for offense not punishment.

Ps 51:3
I’m slain in my soul because I sin against a beautiful loving God.

3. Sorrow accompanied by faith.
Tom Watson “Weeping is not good without and the eye of faith.”

The rain of teats of repentance is soon met with the rainbow of faith’s relief.

4. Great sorrow
Lk 18:10-13

Not all people sorrow to the same degree!

Some sores are from a splinter others require a lance to bled out.

Watson: we will grieve more over a holy God than we will grieve over the loss of a loved one in death.
With sin with lose a holy God. With death with lose but a friend.

Sometime there is a show, sometimes not.

5. Sorrow that’s abiding.
Not a short time sorrow.
Sin is chronic and frequently returns therfore repentance must keep returning.

Ro 7:18-20

Mt 5:4

6. Embraces Christ.
A wound that looks to the balm of Gilead. We sow in tears but reap joy.

Mt 11:28-29

B. Fruit of Repentance
What now begins to be obvious?
Ac 26:20
Be careful about legalism in looking for fruit. They are converts of the bible says they are.

1. Confession
The passion of sorrow and brokebenss must vent. Eyes via weeping tonge via confesison.
Ne 9:2
Hos 5:15
1 Jn 1:9
We are self_acusing and remove satan’s accusing.
Confession we acknowledge we are bound to the wrath of God.
Confession rides the tide of regeneration.
Specific sin not general and desire not to act in that sin again.
Never quit fighting or repenting.

((Question: where is the line drawn between repeated falling and walking in sin.))

Confesison makes the worst of your sins, hypocrisy makes the best of your sins.

True confession Jesus is loved and admired.

All this confession is to God. Be careful about confessing to man!
*appropriate when public and scandalous.
*extra burden of conscience.
*another’s good name has been slandered.

2. Hatred of sin.
Ez 36:31
True repentance is a sin loather.
As you grow you find more and more sin and loathe yourself.
We are never more precious in God’s eyes than when we are lepers in our own.
Ps 119:104
Ro 7:23

Continual hatred.
1 ki 14:30

Ps 101:7
Loving sin is worse than comitting sin.

3. Turning from sin.
Hard to measure.

Ez 14:6
Is 55:7
Job 11:14

Where there is no fruit there is no root.

2 Cor 3:3
New soul, new life.
Hide one rebel in your house you are a traitor to the king.

Turning not from the torment of hell but turning to God in love.

True repentance produces an obvious turning.

For later chewing: Ac 26:1-23

Repentance is the child of regeneration. Regeneration is the child of grace. Grace is the gift of God. If you can’t to go to God with repentance you must go to God for repentance.


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