True Church Conference (Session 11)


Repentance and the Glory of God
Jeff Noblit
Ps 130

Martin Luther called it a Pauline Psalm as it is filled with doctrines of grace.

A time when King Hezekiah has died. No one is set to ascend to the throne. Israel had a surface revial. Manasseh rules and spins Israel down and it never ecovers.

I. We find the psalmist turning to God in despair and confession. vv1-3
Every true child of God cries from the depths. No depth like the depth of sin in the human heart. When sin has lost its pleasure, that is the depths. When God puts you in the depths he causes you to look up.

It was God’s purpose for Joseph and Daniel and Shad, Mesh, Benny.

The deepest most horrible depth is when we see our sinfulness before a holy God.

God does not hear because we cry or because we are in the depth but because of a combination of the two.

We can’t look to friend but there is a friend closer than brother
Can’t look to family but there is one who will make you his family
Can’t look to gvmnt but can look to the ruler!

When God saves a man he first kills him often we need to get away and die alone.

There’s no where else to go but God.

Shipwreck on God and stranded on omnipotence.

V3 if you Lord should in the smallest way mark my sin I’m sunk! There’s no hope!
In despair he is turning to God.

Eph 3:10
Everything that took you to depths, despair, and confession is to bring him glory honor and praise.

Ro 2:23
Ez 6:9
Heb 6:6

Sin is the worst thing of all. Worse than affliction. Worse than hell. The torments of hell are a burden only to the condemned but sin is a burden also to God.

Yet, the infinite wonderful, wise powerful puropses of and the godhead he can turn us from loving it to loving him!

II. Trusting in God for forgiveness and hope (4-5)
V4 a sigh of relief. In our sin we hurt and offend others but how much more so God!

The one most offended the the one most forgiving.

Notice confidence and assurance! It glorifies God when we reach up and claim that forgiveness.

Ro 5 Paul describes our pre-regenerate condition.

If God is God he musr rightfully deight in everything he is because he is perfect and hole therefore everything about the ungodly is thriving a dn puslating to crush us in wrath! Yet in love he choooses to forgive that one which is most radically contrary to his perfections vbecause it glorifies him to do so.

V4 that you may be feared.

V5 not a passive waiting. The psalmist is actively seeking and honoring the Lord looking for nothing outside of God!
Don’t run ahead of God!

He waits in his word. In the word we find hope, guidance, plan, and path. Never has anyone turned to God, crushed by their sin, for hope that has been disappointed.

III. Treasuring God as His Highest good.
V 6
If you believe you are converted and there is no treasuring or joy in God be concerned for your conversion.

Stronger than a lover waiting for their love. Among Levitical priests 24 groups one did the morning sacrifice only once every two years.

We must with increasing passion treasure the God of heaven.

IV. Telling others they must trun trust and treasure out God.
Vv 7-8
All true theology must overflow in evangelism and missions!

Others have to get in on this! How it gives glory to God when we give it to others.

Glorifies God because we obey his command.
… when others experience the new birth!

The pslamist cannot find the words to talk about the wonders of our salvation.

Iniquity 1) crooked and warped against God. 2) connotation of guilt and punishment associated with (1)

It isn’t just our sins, but our nature that that he forgives too!

1 Pt 1:12
When it comes to God working “things into which angels long to look.” When it comes to the new creation God making his chruch of individuals of redeemed children the angels are looking and saying, “This is amazing!”

If God is God, and he is, then he must be worshiped and glorified.

God shows love justice, righteousness, grace, mercy, and all these attributes through our salvation.

Repentance is all about the glory of God.


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