True Church Conference (Session 10)


The Doctrine of Regeneration
David Miller
1 Peter 1:1-5

Peter intros himself and those to whom he writes. Christian Jews. In v2 he sets to them trinitarian salvation. Reminds them of all three persons of the Godhead involved in redemption.
God–singled you out and set you up to be the object of his divine affections.
Son–saved by the sprinkling of the blood of Christ. High priestly function through eternal spirit sprinkled blood upon mercy seat.
In eternity past God the father sovereingly ordained our redpemtping in the ullnes of time God the son accomplished the redempting and God the Holy Spirit selectively applied all the father arranged and all the son accomplished.

1. Doctrinal concept of regeneration.
Baptist Faith and Message Regarding Regeneration: regeneration is a change of heart wroght by the Holy Spirit through conviction of sin to which the sinner responds in repentance towards God and faith towars the Lord Jesus Christ.

A man is not saved against his will but is made willing by the operation of the Holy Spirit. A mighty grace that he does not want to resist… saves him.

This implies a necessity.

1) Man is dead spiritually and cannot activate himself.
2) Defliled morally and cannot rehabilitate himself
3) Dominated satanically and cannot liberate self
4) Debilitated volitionally and cannot elevate himself
5) Damned eternally and cannot exonerate himself.

Man needs new birth! That is regeneration.

Means- how does God regenerate men?
1 Pt 1:23
God uses the word of the gospel by the operation of his Holy Spirit to birth life into those whom he has elected.

The word of the gsopel is this: man is asinner, justly condemned, and God Almighty has taken the initative to rescue fallen man. In the fullness of time (etxc.) Christ Jesus fulfilled the demnads of the loly law took sins by impuatytion became sin bearere suffering servent and when died on Calvary God accepted that as payment/ransom for our souls. And God raided him from the dead that he accepted and approved of all Jesus said and did. THIS IS THE GOSPEL!

Preacher should give less book reviews and more gospel preaching. There is no substitute for the preaching of the gospel.

Hyper-Calvinist believes if God has elected men they can be saved apart from the gospel. Error!
Campbellites, baptismal regeneration.

2. Defining cause of regeneration.
1) absolute monergism (a single, supernatural work of God himself. Man is passive.) Monergism is consistent and congruent with doctrine of election. How eles apart from a sovereign God doing spiritual life into the hearts of dead sinners!?
Rev (144,000 witnesses)

2) abundant mercy
God would be righteous to send us to hell.

3. Delightful consequences of regeneration.
1) Blessed hope in hearts
Confirmed by resurreciton and condsumated at the revelation.

2) Beautiful home in heaven
Look at the home v4. Everything here is corruptible but God prepared a place. No sin in heaven because no temptation! Reserved for us. Gaurded.

3) Bountiful help in the here and now
Kept, garrisoned, fortresed!

He that has his this hope purifies him. Do you have his hope in your soul?

2 Pt 1:3

Hail sovereign grace that first began the scheme to rescue fallen man. Hal matchless free eternal grace that gave my soul a hiding place against the God who ruled the sky I fought with hand uplifted high…. (etc.) (Hiding place)


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