Bible Reading Plan (Day 53)


DAY FIFTY-THREE — Exodus 6, Luke 9

Ex 6

As you recall Moses grumbled at the Lord “I did what you said and it made things worse!”

I love that line “But the Lord said to Moses.”

I will… I will… I will… I will… I will… I will… I AM!

Moses passes that on to the Israelites who reject his word.

Then the Lord tells Moses, “Now! Go! Tell Pharaoh!”

“But Moses said to the Lord….” uh-oh. “… I already did that! They don’t care! Its no use! And Pharaoh won’t listen to me either!”

Murmur murmur murmur why am I this way? (You know what comes next!)

The Lord then puts responsibility for the Israelites’ coming out of bondage on the shoulders of Moses and Aaron.

We then see the genealogy of Moses and Aaron. Then, Moses’ complaint restated.


Lk 9

Jesus sends the apostles off on their first missions trip!

Word of this Jesus fellow reaches King Herod who is now curious about him.

We read again the feeding of the 5,000.

After this miracle, Jesus checks to see if his disciples know who he is. Peter, it seems, is clear. Jesus is Messiah! After this come some unexpected (to the apostles at least) things. 1) Ordered to not publicize Jesus’ identity. 2) Jesus would be killed and raised. 3) Following Jesus involves suffering and self-denial.

Then Peter, James, and John get a preview of the glorified Christ!  But do not say anything…. yet.

After being disappointed in the disciples, a man comes to Jesus for healing for his son. With Jesus he gets it.

Again, Jesus tells his closest followers about his death. Yet they are kept from understanding it!

Still thinking this is a political revolution the disciples begin to vie for power. Jesus rebuke is swift and sure.

Those who are working truly in Jesus name, but are not part of your “clique” are still Jesus’.

After a town rejects Jesus, James and John are livid and want them to all die! Jesus came to give life, not to take it. And he rebukes them as such.

Following God will cost self! It may also cost home, family, and treasure.


Questions to Ponder:

*No questions! Too tired after True Church Conference


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