Bible Reading Plan (Day 53)


DAY FIFTY-THREE — Exodus 5, Luke 8

Ex 5

Moses and Aaron obey the Lord and they go before Pharaoh. The Lord does as promised and hardens Pharaoh’s heart. In fact, He does a pretty good job of it and makes the Israelites work harder.

And taskmasters and foreman then deride the Hebrews for being lazy. The people then yell at Moses for making their lives worse.

Verses 22 and 23 are a common cry when the Lord does not act instantly.


Lk 8

Jesus had women as his disciples too.

Here we see more parables. Jesus reveals that parables are meant as coded descriptions of Kingdom “secrets” meant only for the Kingdom’s people.

Jesus shows, in almost a harsh way, that his family are those who respond to God’s word. (Repent cough and cough trust cough cough).

Later Jesus and his followers go out on a boat. As night hits, so does a storm. Jesus is peacefully asleep as they freak out. When they wake Him Jesus stops the storm and says, (paraphrase) “Hey! Check starboard, your faith might be over there.” Then (in my mind) rolls over and goes back to sleep.

Those who fear the power of Jesus ask him to depart. Those who love him will beg to stay near, but must go and tell.

Jairus’ daughter and the woman with the issue of blood is one of my favorite stories.  Here we see Jesus heal someone who is a synagogue big wig and a woman who was ceremonially unclean. Both he loves and both he heals. Regardless of social status, faith is what matters.


Questions to Ponder:

*No questions! At the True Church Conference.


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