Bible Reading Plan (Day 52)


DAY FIFTY-TWO — Exodus 4, Luke 7

Ex 4

Moses continues his objections to God’s call.

Moses states that even with the Holy Name that they people and Pharaoh will not believe. So God gives Moses the ability to do certain signs and wonders.

Moses objects yet again saying his speech is not up to par for public discourse. (Some assume this is in reference to a stutter or some other speech impediment.) God responds, basically, “So!? I made you, I called you. Go!”

At last Moses finally demands God send someone else. Go figure, God got a bit irked. He says, “Fine! You are still gonna go, but Aaron will speak the words I tell you to tell him.”

So Moses gets permission from his father-in-law to go back and is promised safety from the Lord.

As Moses readies himself and his family the Lord reveals to him that he is to do all the signs and wonders he is empowered to do. Also, Pharaoh will not let them go because the Lord made it so Pharaoh would not.

Verses 22 and 23 are a bit of foreshadowing. Also, they show that firstborn concept than began in Genesis.

Moses neglected to fulfill the covenant sign of circumcision in his children.

Moses and Aaron rednevousz and then show that the Lord has indeed called them and would indeed rescue the people of Israel. The people then worship.


Lk 7

A Centurion who has a soft spot for the Jewish people has an ill servant so the elders convince Jesus to and heal the servant. On the way friends of the centurion intercept Jesus and pass along a humble message of faith. Jesus then uses this humility and faith as an example for the people of Israel.

Jesus raises a boy to life and the report of such spreads throughout the land.

John the Baptist, in prison, awaiting death, calls out to see of Jesus is who he said He was. Jesus responds to John’s doubt by quoting the Messianic promise. Jesus then praises John for his ministry and rebukes the people for their double-minded hypocrisy and lack of faith.

While at a Pharisee’s house for a supper, a woman who lived a life of gross and flagrant sin comes up to Jesus and pours expensive perfume upon his feet and wets his feet with her tears. The Pharisee is aghast and asks how Jesus could let her do this! He responds by asking Simon a question about debt. When big things are forgiven there is much love. If there is only little forgiven it is seen as no special thing. The gross sins are a big debt and for those being forgiven the woman is extremely greatful. We are only as thankful to God as we can be in proportion to our understanding of our own sinfulness.


Questions to Ponder:
No questions! At the True Church Conference!


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