True Church Conference (Session 1)


The Radical Depravity of Man
Conrad Mbewe
Romans 3:9-18

Paul needed to have the readers understand Total Depravity that no one group was ready to receive news, but all were opposed to the message my nature and would fight it.

Good news begins in v 21.

He talked about sinful of Jews and Gentiles but now he gives one last conclusion.

Repentance’s importance cannot be exaggerated.

Unless one repents one will perish as per Jesus’ words.

Why the conflict that humans are not falling over each other to embrace this free offer of salvation? Because men and women are totally depraved.

See v9. “The reason why men and women are not rushing to embrace the cross is that all human beings are depraved.”

Shouldn’t a people like 21st century America embrace the message gladly? “No! There is no difference between those who live in 21 America and lived 3 centuries ago in the dark continent of Africa. All are in the same boat.”

Many have perished in sin despite growing in a Christian home.

We must recognize that all are under sin when it comes to repentance with respect to evangelism.

All, religious or nonreligious are in the same boat.

There isn’t a people group somewhere that’s looking for the true God of the bible to embrace him. There is no advantage. All are in the same boat.

Why? All are under sin! “It is the failure to understand this reality thar makes us superficial in our evangelistic work.”

Under sin refers to one of the major pillars of Christian theology. This goes right back to Gen 3. Adam and Eve sin against the living God. When this happened a drastic moral change took place in their beings. They became spiritually dead. Those who were at one time in real fellowship with the loving God wanted nothing to do with him because they became sinful.

Ro 8:7-8**
They=all humanity. 1) those on whom the spirt of God has already worked (saved) 2) those upon whom the spirit has not worked (God’s enemies)

If exposed to the true God of the bible the unsaved will run you away.

The mind is naturally hostile to God and even the will is enslaved so that they cannot and will not submit to God. Totally Unable.

Between mind and will is the heart.

The heart is desperately wicked and beyond cure who understand (see Jer 17:9)

We are so enslaved we have no power to decide to want God. No matter moral background or religious background (education home/school) that is the state all are in without the grace of God.

The fruit of depravity vv10-18

Paul primarily referring to Jews. He’s quoting the OT!

“Human depravity is not discussing philosophical topic. We are dealing with something intensely practical. That which stares you in the face when you decide to listen to the news. When you open your newspaper to read the front page. Were talking about that which is in your streets in your town in your home.”

Paul says what the Jews own historical records say about them from Psalms, Isaiah, and Jeremiah and what God has to say about self-righteous Israel.

V 11
Tho you fill you your temple you do not seek me. You seek your own ways.

God makes it clear no people group thirsts for God and awaits our final touch.

People slaughter others through their speech via “malice and gossip and sometimes even in church pews.”
That’s what God sees. “Sometimes that’s particularly true of religious people.”

“What spiritual death has essential done is to rob us of the sight of the true God of heaven. We are like individuals who are blind and in the midst of noon are arguing that there is no such a thing as the sun. And yet the very reason why they are sweating is because of the suns rays. They cannot see the brilliance of the glory of that heavenly body called the sun they can’t so they argue and argue and argue. That’s what is true about man. That’s what depravity has done. To rob us of the capacity to see something of the only true God. … and we demand our own way.”

“In your own hearts he is nothing in the center of the universe is yourself.”

Without regenerated hearts and face to face with scripture one will show one’s true colors and true depravity.

Human beings are in a state of mutiny.

It is to THESE people we are called to preach repentance.

If this is the condition they cannot repent but for the grace of God!

Its impossible for man to be saved apart from God. “That is our hope and confidence that God in Jesus Christ is a present savior. In the world by his spirit reaching out to those who he intends to save.”

Through the preaching of the gospel God brings them to himself.

With our own eyes we can see people who hate God bow to the true God wanting to live for his glory and die for him.

“In this pitch black darkness of depravity God is saving souls bring them to repentance.”


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One Response to “True Church Conference (Session 1)”

  1. Jynnifer Says:

    Many have perished in sin despite growing in a Christian home. < i totally get this. At times i think that people who grow up in a Christian home have a lot of trouble believing that they too are very sinful. I mean yes most of us grew up with good morals and are most likely not doing drugs or trying to murder people but we are just as bad as the people who didn’t grow up in a christian home. I really really liked this message. It’s very eye opening for me.

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