Bible Reading Plan (Day 50)


DAY FIFTY — Exodus 2, Luke 5

Ex 2

When all is dark a boy is born.

The mother does right and tries to hide the child but at the age of three months it gets to hard. (Then again, a crying infant can be heard miles away so I’m sure they were pretty slick!) The mother puts the child among the reeds and the little boy’s older sister keeps watch. Pharaoh’s daughter comes down and finds the baby. She immediately recognizes that is a Hebrew boy. From the reeds comes the boy’s sister who just so happens to know a woman to take care of the boy. So then, back the boy goes to his mom and when he comes of age he goes back to Pharaoh’s house where he is called Moses. A name which means, “draw out.” Humm… Methinks foreshadowing is afoot!

Moses grows up and is one day out and about and finds an Egyptian abusing a Hebrew. One of his own people! So, Duh!, he kills the Egyptian.

Later he sees two Hebrews in a good fight. He scolds them. They laugh at him and say, “What are you gonna do? Kill us like you did the Egyptian.”

Two words: Uh, Oh!  Word does indeed get back to Pharaoh and Moses now faces swift retribution. He runs as far as he can. To Midian, over 100 miles away.

Okay… apparently the best way to find a wife in Genesis and so far in Exodus is to go to a well. Anyone know where I can find a well?

Moses gets married and has a son. End of story?

Meanwhile, at the same time, God hears the cry of the Israelites who are in bondage. And God knows.

(Cue dramatic music.)


Lk 5

Jesus is so very popular that he asks Simon to take him out a bit in his boat so he can preach. As he finishes he tells Simon to throw his net into the water. He grudgingly does so, knowing that they had been totally unlucky before and expecting nothing. Lo and behold they pull up a haul for the record books. Peter recognizes who this must be and humbles himself bidding the Lord to depart. But instead, the Lord calls him and his partners to follow.

Here, again, we read of Jesus touching the unclean leper to make him clean. Word of this spreads causing Jesus to have to flee to pray.

Again, the story of the paralytic healed. Jesus forgives sins first, heals bodies second.

Jesus calls Levi (Matthew) to be a disciple. Matthew has Jesus over to his house and invites many others too. The Pharisees hear this and look down their noses at Jesus for eating with flagrant sinners. Jesus explains that his ministry is not for those who are righteous and have no need of a savior, but those who are aware of their true state before God.

Fasting is not needed yet. When Jesus departs this blue ball, it will be. But not in the old way. Fasting will have a new purpose.


Questions to Ponder:

* No questions! I’m at True Church Conference!


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