Bible Reading Plan (Day 49)


DAY FORTY-NINE — Exodus 1, Luke 4

Ex 1

Israel, the nation!, seems to have found a home in Egypt.

As soon as Joseph and those who remember him fade away, so does any joy the nation of Israel faces. They went from a people along side, to a people oppressed. Yet the more the are oppressed the more they grow, the more they grow the more they are oppressed.

To break this cycle an edict comes down that male children are to be killed.

Frankly, Pharaoh’s idea is phenomenally idiotic. Yes… kill the men who will do your slave work. Regardless, these are indeed dark times for the nation of Israel.


Lk 4

Just after His baptism, Jesus is led BY THE SPIRIT into the desert. Why? For testing.

The temptations attempt to get Jesus to short-cut to the final result. Never are we to short-cut to a final result because it is the “easy way.”

Jesus begins his ministry and goes off with a bang. People are fascinated by him. That is… until he gets back home. When he preaches to them, they listen, when he says he is the fulfillment of prophecy it angers them. When he compares himself to Elijah and Elisha… they go nuts.

Jesus drives a demon out of a man in the middle of a synagogue. This amazing event goes out with the speed of… gossip? It gets to the point where Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law and then her house is swamped with people seeking healing.

Jesus is begged to stay, a vast difference from Nazareth. Yet he must preach the good news. The Saviour is come!


Questions to Ponder:

* No questions! I’m attending the True Church Conference 2009!


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