Bible Reading Plan (Day 48)


DAY FORTY-EIGHT — Genesis 50, Luke 3

Gen 50

Jacob, Israel, dies. And his passing was not a small one. The entire nation of Egypt mourned so greatly for his passing that the land of Canaan noticed.

So Israel has passed away. Now the brothers are left to their own devices, head of their own households. As such, they fear for the way they treated Joseph in the past. Would he now seek revenge? So they send a message to Joseph that dad had said to be nice to them.

Joseph, I think, can tell this is a lie. Rather than becoming indignant he goes to them already crying. He puts forth something beautiful in verses 19 and 20.

So time passes… and Joseph dies. He lives til 110 years old. All the people of Israel are in Egypt. Joseph asks that when they go, to bring his bones to the resting place of his father.

The End?


Lk 3

Fast forward about twenty years…

John bar Zechariah, John the Baptist, works out his ministry. As he calls out he rebukes harshly. The sinful crowds cry out as to what they should do, the tax collectors cry out, the soldiers cry out. The answer? Bear fruit in keeping with repentance. He foretells the Christ and he rebukes the political leader Herod. For doing so he gets thrown in jail.

BUT FIRST! He must baptize Jesus.

After Jesus baptism Luke tells his geneaology.


Questions to Ponder:

* What is shocking that the people of Israel are still in Egypt when Joseph dies?

* Compare the two genealogies of Luke and Matthew. Explain how they can be harmonized.


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