Bible Reading Plan (Day 47)


DAY FORTY-SEVEN — Genesis 49, Luke 2

So sorry… The internet was down last night when I went to post. Here it is, better late than never.

Gen 49

Before Jacob dies he pronounces a specific blessing to each of his sons. Keep these in your mind as we work our way through the OT. Especially when we reach Joshua, Samuel and Kings. The blessings are also prophetic. Also we now see the answer to the question: Who will have favored status among the sons of Israel?

Ruben: Instability and last place.

Simeon/Levi: Scattered because of their anger

Judah: Praise from his brothers and ruling over them.

Zebulun: Port city people.

Issachar: Forced laborer.

Dan: Small, but deadly

(V 18… spontaneous prayer)

Gad: warriors out of necessity.

Asher: Prosperous farmers.

Naphtali: Prosperous people.

Joseph: Blessings of strength, blessings of divine protection, blessings, blessings, blessings!!

Benjamin: causing destruction.

Finishing his blessings, Israel asks to be buried with his family before him. Then, he dies.


Lk 2

Oh! The sweet narrative we have. Every Christmas we get the chance to hear Luke’s beautiful account.

At the birth of a king there should be a palace, hosts of servants, and a whole people waiting of baited breath. Rather he is born in a manger, a feeding trough… surrounded by livestock.


Meanwhile, at the same time, back at the ranch, there are shepherds taking care of their sheep. Suddenly an angel appears to them and says, “Dude! Try not to die! A King is born! A Savior! The Messiah! Go to Bethlehem!” Then, without warning the heavens explode open with a great chorus of angels singing praise! The blinding light rips through and night and the sound rattles to the bone! They look at each other and then run quickly down to Bethlehem. When they get there the tell what they heard and saw. They stay briefly and depart praising God as they go.

Jesus is circumcised according to the Law.

He is also taken to the temple in accordance with Law.

While at the temple Jesus is prophesied over by Simeon and Anna.

After fulfilling the legal duty, the family returns home.

One Passover, as the family was returning home from Jerusalem Jesus drops out of sight. They assume he is in with the crowd, but soon discover him to be truly missing. They rush back to Jerusalem (already a day away) and find him at the temple in discourse with the teachers. His mother scolds him and he responds respectfully, “Where else would I be?… Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?” They didn’t get that, but thought it over. Jesus then went back home under his parents authority.

He grows. He learns. He lives the human experience.


Questions to Ponder:

* Who do you think is the favored son. By Israel, by God. Is there a difference?

* We have little information from the childhood of Jesus. One common part of childhood, and human life in general, is falling ill. Explain why or why not Jesus would or would not have gotten sick.


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