Bible Reading Plan (Day 46)


DAY FORTY-SIX — Genesis 48, Luke 1:39-80

Gen 48

Time has passed, the famine is in full swing. As Joseph goes about his governing work, he hears his beloved father is near his passing. He quickly takes his children to their grandfather. Jacobs is not doing well and uses all the strength he has to pull himself up in bed. He calls over Joseph’s children and adopts them as his own.

I can hear tears in Israel’s voice as he says, “I never expected to see your face; and behold, God has let me see your offspring also.”

Israel then blesses the two boys in reverse order. He also promises them their own land.


Lk 1:39-80

As soon as she finds she’s going to be the mother of Jesus, Mary goes to see her cousin… Elizabeth!

Even from the womb, John knows the Messiah is near.

Hey… in verse 47 Mary calls God her savior. Why would she need a savior if she were sinless Mr. Ratzinger?

Mary stays with Elizabeth for the remainder of Elizabeth’s pregnancy and then returns as her first trimester comes to a close.

At the birth of young baby boy bar Zechariah the family and friends ready that the baby boy be named for his father, but controversy erupts when Elizabeth says John. They ask dad via sign language (why, I don’t know, he’s mute not deaf) what his name would be. As soon as he writes, “His name is John.” He erupts into prophetic praise.

John bar Zechariah grows to be a very righteous man and then departs for the wilderness.


Questions to Ponder:

* Why would Jacob change-up the blessing between older and younger child?

* We see two bits of praise and prophecy. What are the commonalities in them?

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