Bibe Reading Plan (Day 45)


DAY FORTY-FIVE — Genesis 47, Luke 1:1-38

Gen 47

The family gets formally introduced to Pharaoh who does indeed give them the land of Goshen PLUS the flocks of Pharaoh to care for.

Pardon my levity at Scripture, but Pharaoh’s meeting Jacob seems to go thusly:

The five brothers depart and Joseph then brings his dad in on a wheelchair. Joseph lifts up his dad and props him up. Jacob mumbles a blessing to Pharoah. Shocked at the sight before him, Pharaoh takes a look at the man and says, “Dude! How old ARE you!?”
“I’m 130 and I’ve seen a lot. But my family before… they make me look young.” Jacob continues by muttering another blessing. Joseph lowers his father back in the chair and wheels him out.

Joseph sets his family up with plots of land and allotments of food appropriate to their sizes.

And they all lived happily ever after! … Right? Well the story ain’t over yet!

So the famine keeps going, but the people’s money doesn’t. They need food. So they trade their livestock for food.

The famine keeps going, but the people’s livestock doesn’t. They need food. So they trade themselves and their land for food.

From then on, the people and the land the 1/5th of the fruit of the land belong to Pharaoh.

Time comes for Israel to pass, he makes Joseph sware that he would be buried in the promised land. Joseph makes his promise and Israel prepares to die….


Lk 1:1-38

Luke is like a really long epistle written to a man named Theophilus (God-lover). Or perhaps Theophilus is those of us who love God.

Luke begins even EARLIER than Matthew, back to the genesis of John the Baptist.

Like Abraham and Sarah before them, Zechariah and Elizabeth are old and childless. And both are righteous in God’s sight.

When, in a one in a million chance, Zechariah is chosen to enter the Most Holy Place, he sees an angel. The angel says what all angels say upon encounters with humans, “Dude! Try not to die!” The angel, Gabriel, then tells Zechariah the good news that he will have a child who will be the forerunner for the Messiah. He will be in the spirit and power of Elijah!

Zechariah’s response is doubt.

The angel, rightly incensed (no pun intended) at Zechariah’s doubt, and because of his doubt is dumb-struck. (Literally). Zechariah comes out gesturing to try and say what had happened.

Surprise! Elizabeth is soon with child.

Gabriel is then sent to Mary, who is legally pledged to be married to Joseph. He greets her by calling her favored. Seeing her fear he says, “Dude! Try not to die!” He then explains her blessing in being the mother of Jesus. She believes, but does not understand how, in her virginity she can conceive a child. He explains how the Holy Spirit cause the child to form in her womb and announces with joy that Elizabeth too is pregnant! Then he departs.


Questions to Ponder:

* Compare and contrast the responses of Mary and Zechariah.


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