Bible Reading Plan (Day 44)


DAY FORTY-FOUR — Genesis 46, Mark 16

Gen 46

So the family heads into Egypt. But why would they? Isn’t the promised land in Canaan? God tells Israel that it is part of His plan and it is there He will make Israel into a great nation. And for the old man not to fear the journey, that he would see Joseph, and Joseph would be there at his peaceful death.

From one man, Abraham, now 70 of God’s chosen people enter into Egypt.

Judah leads the way to Goshen and the people begin to settle.

There another tear-filled reunion between Joseph and Israel. And Israel says he can now die in peace.

(Sniff, sniff) is there the whiff of foreshadowing in the phrase, “every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians.”


Mk 16

Ahh… the second half of the atonement.

The women go to the tomb and find that Jesus is risen! Our salvation is assured!

The last part of Mark is a bit spurious. As you can see the translators state that the earlier manuscripts of Mark do not have what follows verse 8. It is for that reason we must not derive doctrines from the following verses (snake handling) and must compare the section critically with other passages to see how they align.


Questions to Ponder:

* Take a look back at how well God’s chosen people have done thus far, particularly in their faithfulness to the Lord. Why do you think he would lead them into Egypt?

* Harmonize the post-resurrection account of Mark with the other Gospels.

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