Bible Reading Plan (Day 43)


DAY FORTY-THREE — Genesis 45, Mark 15

Gen 45

Judah has shown himself a changed man. He is willing to give his life for his brother.

Joseph is then pushed over the edge. With voice catching in his throat he orders everyone out but his brothers. The door closes behind the last servant. There is a pause. Then Joseph begins to wail. His heart is crushed and livened to see his brothers as new people… as he weeps he manages to say, “I am Joseph! Is my father alive?”

The brothers stand dumbfounded and amazed at the appearance of their brother. Heartbroken by his weeping.

Joseph beckons his family to come. They come near and Joseph tells them the story.

V 5-8… You got it!? Is it clear now?! Isn’t it beautiful? There is not one shred of doubt in my mind that Joseph asked “Why?” for twenty years. Now he has his answer.

Joseph asks his brothers bring their father and their families to live in Goshen and be safe. Joseph then goes to his brother, hold him, and weeps for deep, deep joy. Shortly his brothers do the same. After this, they speak with each other at last.

(Sniff, sniff, wipe tear)

All the people of Pharaoh’s house heard this and were pleased. Come on, this is a great story! Oprah’s book club kind of stuff. Pharaoh command Joseph to command his family to come and be at ease in Egypt.

The brothers go back home in style and with new clothes. Benjamin winds up with lots of money and lots of clothes! Plus, for dad, lots of other gifts.

Sorry… I laughed a but at verse 24.

They return and tell their father who cannot believe it. Then Israel sees the gifts and know it to be true and gladly goes to see that who was once dead is now alive.


Mk 15

THE Narrative continues… here’s a little something to think about:


Questions to Ponder:

* Think of a way to explain the story of Joseph to someone going through hard times to encourage them.


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