Bible Reading Plan (Day 42)


DAY FORTY-TWO — Genesis 44, Mark 14

Gen 44

The brothers were true to their word (to Joseph at least) once. Would they be so again? Joseph puts them to the test one more time, making the stakes higher. Joseph has his special cup slipped into the sack of Benjamin, the favored son. What’s going to happen amongst the brothers?

When confronted about taking the cup, they swore up and down they did no such thing and promised the life of whoever it was which would do such a thing.


The cup is found in Joseph’s bag. The brothers mourn their words as they have now sealed the death of their youngest brother and even of their father.

Judah, whose idea it was to sell Joseph into slavery, takes the lead. He tells the man who holds the life of his youngest brother in his hand, “Take me and not him. Let your wrath and just judgement fall upon me and spare the boy.”


Mk 14

This is THE Narrative. Read it. Listen to none of my commentary. Let it penetrate your very being as a sharp and deadly sword would as if to split you in two.


Questions to Ponder:

* There is a deep parallel in these two reading. Find it and explain it!


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