Bible Reading Plan (Day 41)


DAY FORTY-ONE — Genesis 43, Mark 13

Gen 43

… and we’re back.

So apparently they left Simeon to rot in jail. Are you shocked?

Not so brothers! You say that Joseph grilled you about who you were… I seem to recall you offered that info freely! (42:12-13)

Israel decides to let them go back with a huge gift (read: bribe) and with Benjamin, but he laments doing so as if Benjamin and Simeon were already dead.

When they return, Joseph sees his family a-comin’. He ensures a feast is prepared for them and provides them with lavish treatment. This frightens the brothers, afraid they are being lulled into a false sense of security.

At last, Joseph sees his younger full brother. The sight of the boy, who would at this point be in his early twenties, moves Joseph to uncontrollable tears.

The brothers find themselves sitting in the appropriate order which amazes them as there is no reason it should be known! They are served food from Joseph’s table with Benjamin given a large extra super-sized amount.

They all then get just a little tipsy.


Mk 13

This section is entirely about the end of days.

The temple, the holy place of worship will soon be destroyed.

After the destruction of the temple, God’s own must be on the watch for false teachers and false Christs. Times will continue on a trajectory of bad for both the saved and the damned. Then, as it is always darkest just before pitch black, persecution sets in.

Note: in the middle of the paragraph on persecution it speaks clearly of EVANGELISM! Persecution grows the Christian church.

When crunch time comes, when we must open our mouths and bear witness to the Gospel, the Holy Spirit will take over.

When the final wrath of God upon the world comes it will be the worst possible thing imaginable for those living.

At last Jesus will come and take His own.

We are to stay alert and aware ready for Jesus to return in 5… 4… 3… 2… … …


Questions to Ponder:

* Why would God author the temple to be destroyed?

* Jesus uses the phrase “be on guard” repeatedly. Elaborate on what we must be on guard against and HOW we must guard ourselves.

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