Bible Reading Plan (Day 40)


DAY FORTY — Genesis 42, Mark 12

Who else feels filled with purpose? (Ha!)

Gen 42

Meanwhile, at the same time, back at the ranch…

The famine hits the land where Jacob lives. Word has spread that Egypt was overflowing with surplus and it was for sale. Jacob looks at his sons and orders them to go down to Egypt to get food.

Favored son status seems to be on Benjamin of whom Jacob is VERY protective.

Now the dream has come true, Joseph’s older brothers bow to him. Joseph remembers the dream and no doubt the way he was treated.

“We are honest men…” oh really?

Joseph calls his brothers spies and liars and throws them into jail until he can see his younger brother. The only one who hadn’t plotted and conspired against him.

After three days he says one must stay behind as an insurance policy. Ruben pipes up, “This is all because of what we did to Joseph!”

Joseph was moved to tears at the seeming repentance of his brothers. Could it be real?

I do not know why Simeon is chosen to stay behind.

Joseph ensures his brother’s care and more by providing them with grain and food and provisions. For free.

The brothers misinterpret the return of the money as a horrid mistake as does Jacob who fears that he has now lost two sons and is in danger of losing a third.

To be continued… Argh!


Mk 12

Jesus opens with a parable.

At the time there were camps, the Zealots mainly, who felt that paying taxes was near sinful and downright deplorable. We see clearly Jesus show that those things of this world have their place in the world while those things of God belong to Him.

The Sadducees did not believe in the resurrection and were the ruling temple party. Here they confront Jesus on what they find to be an inconsistency. Jesus rebukes their ignorance of Scripture. He flat out tells them, “Wrong!”

We are to love God first, foremost, and fully. Then we are to love our neighbor as a second priority. Yet the two are very close.

The scribe is honest in his question and affirms Jesus’ teaching. Jesus then affirms the scribe’s faith. In a way…

Then Jesus tells of his dual nature.

In the context Jesus is not praising the widow, but rebuking the scribes.


Questions to Ponder:

* Review Question: Why would Jacob treasure Joseph and Benjamin?

* Who do the characters (man, tenants, servants, son) represent?

* Explain why Jesus says to the scribe, “You are not far from the kingdom of God.” Why the “not far from” and not “you have” or something of the sort.


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