Bible Reading Plan (Day 39)


DAY THIRTY-NINE — Genesis 41, Mark 11

Gen 41

Those first few words are shocking. Joseph asked the cupbearer to remember him and put in a good word to the Pharaoh so he could hopefully get out of jail. TWO WHOLE YEARS AFTER Joseph is still in jail.

Pharaoh has a few real bad nightmares (I know how that feels) and calls his wise men to interpret his dreams. They all sit there and scratch their heads. This talk about dreams quickens the memory of the cupbearer who remembers his broken promise.

Joseph is quickly snagged and cleaned up.

Pharaoh tells Joseph the issue, and as he did with the cupbearer and baker, he points first and foremost to God.

Pharaoh then explains the dreams to Joseph and Joseph interprets them. The two dreams are really one big warning that a great time of plenty will be followed by a great time of famine. Joseph also gives Pharaoh advice on how to handle the scenario.

So awed by God in Joseph Pharaoh makes Joseph the highest official in the land. Second only to Pharaoh.

Thirty years old now. He was 17 when all this began. He hasn’t seen or heard from his family in 13 years! Then seven years of plenty that makes TWENTY YEARS! Joseph, at the end of this chapter is thirty-seven years old has a wife and two kids and holds the second highest office in the great country of Egypt.


Mk 11

Again we come to the Passion Week… Oh…

Jesus comes into Jerusalem in this phase of his ministry in unglorified human flesh on a lowly donkey as crowds who will soon call for His blood, praise Him. Oh how different His return will be!

Jesus cleans the temple. God’s place is not for commerce meant to turn a profit off the poor under a guise of necessity to worship God.

Prayer done in faith in accord with the will of God has power to do what seems impossible.

The Pharisees spend so much time trying trap Jesus with tough questions or flat out tricks. Jesus stumps them without even trying. He shows how much they fear man and ignore God.


Questions to Ponder:

* Looking at Joseph’s situation now, what encouragement to you receive?

* Jesus equates effective prayer with forgiveness. Examine your life and see if you need to offer forgiveness to anyone.


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