Bible Reading Plan (Day 38)


DAY THIRTY-EIGHT — Genesis 40, Mark 10

Gen 40

The story continues….

Joseph is a dreamer, its what got him into trouble with his brothers, and now his dream related gifts come back into play.

The chief cupbearer and chief baker find themselves in a heap of trouble and as they are in prison they both have dreams. Joseph, knowing where he is gifted, asks to hear them. The cupbearer goes first and gets good news. The baker goes next and gets bad news.

Joseph asks for one favor of the cupbearer. One. To help get him out of there.

The last verse is so disheartening, “Yet the chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph, but forgot him.”

Just when things look good, they get dark again.


Mk 10

Jesus continues his teaching.

Reasons for divorce were a contentious issue at the time. Jesus says that divorce is a deep scar of the Fall. Divorce is lawful, but never pleasing to God.

For a divorced person to remarry is to commit adultery. ((How’s THAT for an unpopular teaching?))

Back in Jesus’ time and in Roman culture, children were hardly people. Jesus then elevates them and eagerly welcomes them.

Verses 17-22 show how to witness to people RIGHTLY. Jesus would not mesh with many modern evangelists. He does not right away lead the man in a prayer where he asks Jesus to come into his heart. Jesus points to the pure goodness of God and sets the man against the Law’s standard. The man proclaims his own righteousness, but Jesus knows his heart. He asks one question and lovingly reveals the rich man’s sin. When faced with his sin and a chance to repent, the man walks away.

Jesus then uses this to teach of the evils of coveting and the trappings of materialism. Not that all material things are bad, but they are so much of a slippery slope that it is impossible for one who loves wealth to be saved.

Jesus clears up any misunderstanding against his teaching. The love for Christ, for God Himself, must be first and foremost over any other love.

Jesus again states his “fate.”

The concept of who is great and who is the servant is turned on its head. Greatness is determined by a deep humility that views others as more important than oneself.

Jesus may have been teaching as he walked and the blind beggar’s yelling would have drowned it out. Jesus sees the truest lesson in desperate faith.


Questions to Ponder:

* Why do you think God does this to Joseph?

* Mark 10 contains many hard pills to swallow. It blasts modern evangelism. It stabs at divorce and remarriage. It redefines (er… rightly defines) true greatness and prosperity. Which of these is the hardest for you to accept. Why?


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