Bible Reading Plan (Day 37)


DAY THIRTY-SEVEN — Genesis 39, Mark 9

Gen 39

… and we’re back.

Ruben, Simeon, Levi, Judah… all are proven failures when it comes to being favored son. The one who was favored turned out to be a proud little snot and so wound up a slave. Here we see what has become of Joseph.

Joseph is apparently favored by God and causes Potiphar to see Joseph and he rises quickly in the ranks.

There’s a small problem though, Joseph is easy on the eyes. Especially the eyes of Potiphar’s wife. When she propositions him, he refuses to dishonor his God and his master. Yet she persists to the point where she tries to force herself upon him. Joseph flees but his cloak (he has trouble with those I’m noticing) is ripped from him. From this, Potiphar’s wife tries to frame Joseph as the predator and succeeds. “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.”

Joseph finds himself swiftly in prison. Yet the same kind of success happens in prison as happened in Potiphar’s house.


Mk 9

Jesus shows a preview of his glorified self to the three closest of the disciples. Peter in his impetuousness seems to view this as the end of all things. He find out quickly that is just the beginning.

In this dramatic story we see the Savior’s frustration and love collide.

When scolded for his lack of faith the man begs Jesus to aid his weak faith.

Those of the enemy care only for destruction, we should be on our guard, in prayer, to fight them.

The disciples got smart after the last time Jesus told them of his impending suffering. This time, they don’t speak up, and Peter doesn’t rebuke him.

BUT! They begin to argue about greatness and high position. Jesus shows that the kingdom is about humiltiy, service, faith and love.

Just because one is not in Jesus’ inner circle or has high religious standing does not diminish the impact they can have on behalf of Christ.

Jesus drives home the seriousness of sin.


Questions to Ponder:

* Many people wonder if God still loves them after bad things happen to them. How does this story of Joseph (so far) answer that?

* Examine any drastic measures you may need to take to remove temptation to sin.

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