Bible Reading Plan (Day 36)


DAY THIRTY-SIX — Genesis 38, Mark 8

Gen 38

Argh! Cliffhanger!

Ruben has lost standing with Jacob for sleeping with one of Jacob’s concubine. Simeon and Levi have also fallen out of favor with their father for their abuse of God’s covenant symbol. Joseph is (to his father) gone for good. Judah would be then, the next in line for favored status. What does he do?

Shortly after that “selling little bro into slavery” thing, Judah goes off and starts out to build his own family. He does so by integrating himself into the Canaanites, taking a Canaanite wife and having 3 babies.

When the first little Judah boy, Er, grows up papa makes sure he gets married and finds Tamar to fit his . One small problem, Er turns out be flat out wicked. So God kills him before he can have children. Judah then gives his next son. This son isn’t much better. Instead of fulfilling his duty by continuing his brother’s line he is wicked and God kills him. Judah then promises her his third son who is too young to marry at the time.

Judah, taking a clue from the rest of his family, lies.

Tamar figures it out and plans to trap Judah and have children as she desires.

Judah’s wife dies so he goes to Timnah when the period of mourning is over. While there, he meets a prostitute and does what one does with a prostitute. Only thing is, he does it on credit and leaves a few items to the prostitute as promise to pay. When he returns with payment the prostitute is gone without a trace.

Three months later it comes out Tamar is pregnant and is so from prostituting herself. Judah is furious. He demands she be killed. Tamar brings out proof of who it was who she slept with. Turns out, that prostitute Judah met was Tamar in disguise.

From this union come twins. Perez and Zerah.


Mk 8

Just as he did before, Jesus feeds multitudes with little.

Right after this, and from having seen all his miracles the Pharisees demand to see a sign.

After that, we see the density of the disciples.

From two displays of unbelief and density come two displays of belief and enlightenment.

Peter, who just confessed Jesus’ Messiahship then rebukes Jesus for explaining the culmination of his mission.

Peter is expecting the conquering king to come, start an uprising, and usurp Rome. Israel would then become THE dominant world power with Jesus’ disciples as vassal kings. This could not be farther from Jesus’ true mission.

The last part of this chapter is blatantly ignored if not suppressed in unrighteousness. Our lives of sin must be crucified with Christ for us to be His. There is no half-way or compromise. IT MUST BE SO!


Questions to Ponder:

* What are the significance of a staff, a signet ring, and a cord?

* Explain why the Pharisees would not have believed even if they saw a sign.

* What is the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod?


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