Bible Reading Plan (Day 35)


DAY THIRTY-FIVE — Genesis 37, Mark 7

Gen 37

Here begins one of those stories (if I may use the term) I like so much. The sins of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob compare nothing to the sin we are about to see.

I think by the absence of Benjamin in this first part of the narrative he would be an infant or toddler.

The 17-year-old Joseph is a tattle-tale and favored by his father. This arouses jealousy in his older brothers. To make matters worse, he brags about a dream where his brothers (via symbolism) bow to him. THEN the little snot brags about a dream where even his mom and dad bow to him. This is too much for even papa Jacob who rebukes his favored son. Still, the telling of the dream sticks in the back of his mind.

Oh! The masterful foreshadowing!!

Joseph, the little snitch, is asked to check on his brothers who are about a full day’s travel away. When he gets to where they should be he finds out they have wandered about 16-20 miles away.

The brothers see him coming and determine to pull a quick Cain and Abel on the boy. Ruben, for whatever reason, determines to spare his life.

So unphased by their callous act, the sit down to a nice meal as their beaten brother calls for help from the bottom of a hole.

Seeing an opportunity for double, ahem, benefit, Judah decides to sell Jospeh into slavery.

Ruben is beside himself and can now not curry favor with his father.

The brothers decide to make it look like poor Joseph was mauled by a wild animal by getting the coat they mangled all bloody with goat blood.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Joseph finds himself sold to a high ranking Egyptian official.

The plot thickens…


Mk 7

The Pharisees (seriously, where do they come from?) see that Jesus disciples do not follow their man-made tradition and scold Jesus for it.

Jesus then does some “karate-exegesis” on them and slams them for being hypocrites who love tradition and man’s law more than God and God’s Law.

Food, hands that haven’t been ceremoniously washed, don’t make a man a sinner. What’s already IN the man is what makes him a sinner.

A Gentile woman from a notoriously evil town shows great faith and that faith is rewarded.

By healing a deaf man Jesus furthers his proof that he is the Messiah.


Questions to Ponder:

* Why is Ruben so set on trying to get his dad to like him? (Hint: Genesis 35)

* If what comes out a man’s heart defiles him, how is a man supposed to be clean?


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