Bible Reading Plan (Day 34)


DAY THIRTY-FOUR — Genesis 35-36, Mark 6

Gen 35

Jacob and all with him forsake their idols and go to where God sends them.

To protect His people, God causes the nations to fear Jacob.

God reiterates the covenant, applying it to Jacob) and finalizes Jacob’s (deceiver) name change to Israel (wrestles with God).

As Rachel dies, Jacob’s beloved wife, she brings forth a son, who comes to be called Benjamin.

Ruben defiles his father by sleeping with the same woman he slept with. The mother of his brothers.

We see the final count and tally of the Baby Making War. But from this come 12 sons. The biggest step (thus far) in the fulfillment of God’s plan to make a nation from Abraham.

Issac dies and is buried by his sons.

Gen 36

We see here the line of Esau. We are told repeatedly Esau = Edom. The repetition is a big biblical hint hint wink wink nudge nudge.


Mk 6

The people in his hometown are scornful.

Hey! Look! Jesus has brothers and sisters!

Jesus is an offense to them. So is what He teaches. How can we expect any better treatment?

Jesus makes a scathing remark about the unbelief of those around him, including the unbelief of his own family.

Since those there did not believe in Jesus, he could not do anything.

((If memory serves me…)) Back in the day, to use the vernacular, the very dirt of Israel was considered holy. To shake the dust off of feet would be a great insult.

The apostles preached repentance.

This is not the same Herod who killed the children.

John the Baptist, who has faded from the scene, continued his polemic preaching. He spoke pointedly against the authorities and their immorality. (Wish we had a few more of those preachers today!) This costs John the Baptist his life.

Jesus loves those who seek him. He is the good shepherd who loves and cares for the sheep. In doing so he forsakes the comfort of a quiet retreat for teaching those who need him.

In the desert, only God could provide food for the mass of Israel. Here, only God could provide food for the mass of Israel.

Jesus has full and total control over every law of nature.

Jesus continues his work of healing.


Questions to Ponder:

* Explain the significance of Jacob’s name change and Benjamin’s name change.

* Mark 6:5 says, “And he could do no mighty work there, except that he laid his hands on a few sick people and healed them.” How does this match up with Jesus’ omnipotence?

* Why would the disciples hearts be hardened?


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