Bible Reading Plan (Day 31)


DAY THIRTY-ONE — Genesis 32, Mark 3

Gen 32

Jacob as another supernatural encounter.

Upon hearing he is about to meet his brother he is terrified and rightly so. He weaseled away Esau’s birthright. (Not to paint Esau as a saint as he despised his birthright for a bowl of stew.)

I find the prayer that Jacob calls out shocking. He seems to do so as a matter of fear, not of belief. I say that because he sets right away to bribing his brother.

Jacob sends his family ahead, a cowardly thing to do. As he is alone in the dark night, he is suddenly assaulted. He fights and struggles with this person without with but a touch dislocated Jacob’s hip. Come to find that this is no man. This is GOD! God gives Jacob a new name, Israel, and blesses him. Yet, God does not give Jacob His Own name.


Mk 3

The Pharisees HATED the Herodians, but their distaste, nay, hatred, for Jesus gave them common ground.

More people coming for miracles, but none for teaching.

Jesus does the calling and selecting for His purpose. Even if, as is the case of Judas Iscariot, it is for damnation.

Even Jesus’ own family does not fully understand His mission.

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is to attribute the works of Christ to Satan.

God’s family is not of blood, but of covenant.


Questions to Ponder:

* Find the hymn “Wrestling Jacob” and read the lyrics. Give your impressions.

* Do you think Jacob/Israel will change his behaviour? Explain.

* The ecumenical movement wishes unity with other religions. At what doctrinal cost to Christianity comes that unity?

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