Bible Reading Plan (Day 30)


DAY THIRTY — Genesis 31, Mark 2

Gen 31

Going though Genesis, I’m struck at the types of people God chooses. Abraham, Issac, and Jacob are all flat out liars with Jacob being the best (worst?) of them all. What does that say about God’s grace?!

Even Rachel and Leah are fed up with the antics between Jacob and Laban.

Laban and Jacob finally have it out, making a covenant to never see or speak to each other again.


Mk 2

Jesus engages himself with preaching, but there are some who need a miracle. Jesus heals a faithful man to validate his teaching.

Jesus cannot save a man from sins he does not have. If such a man proclaims himself righteous and in no need of a savior, a savior he shall not have.

While Jesus was on earth there was no reason to fast, now that he is gone and we long for his return our fasting is warranted.

The Sabbath, the day of holy rest, is created for men to enjoy God, not to be a burden.


Questions to Ponder:

* Who is in the right, Jacob or Laban? Or neither one?

* How should the Sabbath be spent? What activities should be encouraged? Avoided?


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