Bible Reading Plan (Day 29)


DAY TWENTY-NINE — Genesis 30, Mark 1

Gen 30

The baby making war continues and heats up. Here’s the count so far…

LEAH: Ruben 1, Simeon 2, Levi 3, Judah 4, … Issachar 9,  Zeblun 10, (Dinah).
BILHAH: Dan 5, Naphtali 6
ZILPAH: Gad 7, Asher 8
RACHEL: Joseph 11, …

Throughout the child bearing narrative you can see that there is no good will between Leah and Rachel.

Anyone find irony in Jacob talking about honesty? Anyone? Anyone?

The games begin again as Jacob and Laban con each other.


Mk 1

We begin again the gospel narrative, this time, from Mark’s angle. Mark begins as Jesus ministry beings rather than at birth.

Mark wastes no time in getting to the meat. He stays right with what is most important and action oriented.

As opposed to the lengthy narratives Matthew gave, Jesus temptation gets just 2 verses.

When John, the last of the OT style prophets goes, Jesus is now “free” to bring the Kingdom.

Jesus’ call? Repent and believe.

I’m getting a little breathless just reading this, “and immediately… and immediately… and immediately…”

With all this rushing in Mark, it gives the sense of urgency.

Jesus crushes the proclamation of his full identity. To be revealed as the Holy One of God would compromise his mission.

Jesus is there to preach about the Kingdom, repentance and faith. The miracles and healings serve to verify his identity as Messiah and nothing more.


Questions to Ponder:
* There’s a verse earlier in Genesis that talks about the kind of tomfoolery that the ladies we read about would engage in. What is it?

* Explain the peoples’ reasoning for going to Jesus.


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