Bible Reading Plan (Day 28)


DAY TWENTY-EIGHT — Genesis 29, Matthew 28

Gen 29

Jacob finds love right away by God’s providence.

Completely smitten, Jacob is willing to work for 7 years to earn Rachel’s hand in marriage.

Jacob is now on the receiving end of deception.

There is now a baby-making war on.


Mt 28

As opposed to what the new-agey and Patricia Kingy seem to put forth, encounters with angels always include the angel saying, “Dude, dude — try not to die!” (HT: Dan Phillips)

The angels tell the good news… the thrilling news that death is defeated. Our sins are atoned for, and our righteousness won.

Even Jesus has to now say, “Dude, dude — try not to die!” After all, what is there to fear for those who love him?

Knowing the power of the resurrection, misinformation has to go out. Even so, the chief priests are so hard hearted they would not believe.

Quick expounding on the Great Commission: Now that Jesus is on the throne, we are to go and announce that to others. Those who are made disciples ought to be baptized and taught all that Jesus taught.


Questions to Ponder:

* Explain why our faith is meaningless without the ressurection.


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