Bible Reading Plan (Day 26)


DAY TWENTY-SIX — Genesis 27, Matthew 26

Gen 27

As you will recall Esau sold his birthright, his blessing, for a bowl of lentil stew. It is clear this little bit of info was not passed to papa.

Rebekah and Jacob plot a way to steal the blessing. Rebekah as the mastermind.

One has to admire the deviousness.

Issac may be old, but he’s not slow.

You gotta wonder how Esau smelled when the goat skins could not cover up his… uh… distinction.

The blessing that Issac gives to Jacob is a total and profound blessing. He has now given Jacob dominion over Esau and cursed anyone who would be against Jacob.

When the trickery is discovered both Esau and Issac are incensed.

Esau flubs the truth about his birthright being taken. He gave it away.

The only blessing he can give is one of eventually coming against his brother.

Esau plots to murder Jacob and is not silent about it. Rebekah hears of it and so plans to help her son. She kills two birds with one stone by using it as a pretense to find a wife.


Mt 26

Here is one section of section of scripture that deserves more than just one day. These 75 verses expound on the propitiatory and expiatory work of Jesus. I cringe at going over this section lightly.

Despite what plans the religious leaders form, God’s plan trumps their’s.

Extreme acts of humility and love to Christ are honored by him.

People will sell out Jesus for whatever pleasure they can get.

At what is supposed to be a solemnly joyful meal, controversy and tension dominate.

Jesus knows hearts. He knows what will happen to the weak disciples, even Peter. Peter continues his habit of denying what Jesus says, not seeing the verification of what Jesus said in his own words.

I’m not going to touch Gethsemane other than to say that here is an intimate look at the Trinity conversing.

Betrayed by a friend with a deep sign of friendship.

When the going gets tough, the apostles scatter.

Not even a good lie could be made about Jesus.

It is only blasphemy if what Jesus said was false.

With his habit for rebuking Jesus, telling Jesus what he’s saying isn’t true, the slippery slope reaches its bottom when Peter flat out denies even knowing Jesus.


Questions to Ponder:

* Is it blasphemy when Jacob says as Esau of finding food, “Because the Lord your God granted me success.”

* Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and with a kiss (a symbol of friendship), how does this mirror other ways people betray Christ?


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