Bible Reading Plan (Day 25)


DAY TWENTY-FIVE — Genesis 26, Matthew 25

Gen 26

Issac is given permission to move, but not to Egypt.

That bit about “She’s my sister!” sound familiar?

They had already left Abraham, and now they despise his son. Humm….

Instead of going to battle over the wells, he moved on.

God extends his covenant to Issac.

Issac and Abimelech establish a peace covenant.

Esau starts causing problems by marrying someone he ought not.


Mt 25

We now have some escatological parables.

We do not know when Jesus shall return. Therefore, we must be ready as if it were one second from now.

We must make use of the gifts God has given us for his glory.

From a great outpouring of love we do good things for those around us. Treating others the way we would be treated. Even more, treating others as we would treat Christ.


Questions to Ponder:

* (Out of town… no questions.)


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